HOLLYWOOD—The final moments of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” left many stunned by that revelation from Hanna. Of course after the revelation, a ton of questions popped into my mind I was hoping to have answered in this week’s episode, ‘The Lion.’ We all know Hanna is no saint, and this week secrets from her past came to surface. I figured about 30 seconds into the episode, Hanna blurted that out to scare her daughter and get rid of her potential suitor.

As a result, Benny and Candace begin to question their mother on the whereabouts of Candace’s father, which forced the matriarch to deliver her truth. Let’s just say this was a truth that was so riveting to watch that you could not take your eyes away from the screen. On top of that, the acting from Tika Sumpter, Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley was sensational. Why? Hanna revealed a secret that she perhaps expected to take to her grave. She was raped when she was younger, and as a result Candace was born. Just hearing Hanna’s story shook me to the core, but further explained why she behaves the way she behaves. That incident changed her in ways that one never expected. Candace attempted to put on a strong front, but the tears were evident in her eyes, and when Benny and Hanna left, our vixen shattered into pieces. That was a harsh truth that Hanna never expected, and I think (but I’m not certain), will indeed push Candace to change her ways. It was hard to watch, but I’m glad Tyler Perry delivered this tidbit of information about Hanna’s past. Benny did his best to assist his mother about that life-altering incident, but Hanna did her best to put up a strong front, but therapy is likely to help.

David was desperate to get answers on Jeffrey’s whereabouts, but even being the powerful judge that he is, David still had no success. Jim received a call from Sarah who begged a former ally to not place her in a situation where she is forced to sleep with him to prevent some dark secret from coming to light. I pegged this last week, and as expected Hanna and Derek are starting to build a bond. He asked her out on a date, but Hanna was not so quick to jump on board. Katheryn eavesdropped on the conversation, but I suspect when she learns about Hanna’s past that will change everything between these ladies.

This is interesting; Veronica is attempting to foster a better relationship with Benny for saving her life. I think Benny might use this to his advantage to find a way to seek justice for the guy who raped his mother. Candace seemed to be up to her old tricks once again, as she attempted to teach a new escort at The Fountain how to work the gentlemen to put major bucks in her pocket. I mean escorting is one thing, but it would be great if she changed a new leaf for her son’s sake. I mean she is worse than most guys.

David sick and tired of waiting for answers on Jeffrey’s whereabouts, made a call to Jim asking for help and was directed to contact Katheryn for assistance. David made a call to Katheryn asking for her pull to help Jeffrey. David was completely stunned to learn that Veronica was in a car accident, and Katheryn delivered some tea that was ice cold to say the least. Things are continuing to get interesting between Jeffrey and Justin, as the lover who was last seen being taunted by Wyatt wanted to get to the bottom of Jeffrey’s relationship with his friend. Wyatt decided to push Justin’s buttons more by telling Justin that Jeffrey is his lover. Wyatt you just ignited a potential war that could turn ugly. Justin read between the lines, Jeffrey and Wyatt are not lovers!

Justin was not happy, he was steaming mad, so much to the point that Jeffrey was placed in a headlock. Oh, I cannot wait till next week because Wyatt and Justin go toe-to-toe, David walks in on an interesting situation, and it looks like Benny is about to be seduced by Melissa! Next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is going to be one not to be missed “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!