HOLLYWOOD—We picked up this week, where things ended last week with the authorities taking Benny into custody on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Benny was slightly resisting arrest just as he saw that money he had confiscated by police. This week’s episode, ‘Moles’ saw Hanna and Candace go to war over that large amount of money in that bank account. Candace made threats and Hanna barked right back, without any fear in her body.

David was welcomed home by Erica with a romantic bathtub, but unfortunately he wasn’t in the mood for love. David warned Erica that trouble could be headed their way and he dropped a bomb: he struck his ex-wife. It was apparent that David was remorseful about what he did. Oh, David you are in major trouble and you have no idea. Out of nowhere these two got hot and heavy in the tub.

Veronica began implementing her newest plan to utilize a hitman to target David and Erica. Something about this guy seems like he is much closer to Veronica than it appears. I mean could he be a secret son or sibling. She gave him a deposit to get things in motion. It looks like Leslie is still attempting to schmooze Veronica, who was not in the mood to be bothered with a boy, when she needs a man. Gia was attempting to get details from Leslie, but he refused to spill tea.

Leslie was not the least frightened to learn that Candace delivered a beating on Rocky for betraying her. A bruised Rocky wanted Leslie to pledge his allegiance to him. Leslie informed Candace that Rocky is onto her, as the two flirted. Back at the District Attorney’s office, Sarah was taunted by Jim who wanted to know if there was more evidence against him and his family. Sarah dropped a bomb that Gia is a plant working against Candace and Jim, which threw him for a loop.

Well, this is a first, Jeffery stopped by the Artesian Hotel where he came face-to-face with Leslie, the same guy he met in jail who was a ‘hot toy’ for Officer Justin. This is about to be funny, Gia and Leslie have no idea that Justin is very gay, and I mean very gay. When he revealed he was gay, Gia was flustered, which prompted Leslie to try to make the moves. Leslie flirted with Jeffery who was in no mood to play around. Jim decided to pay Gia a visit in hopes of getting some dirt on her, and she’s in trouble people.

Wyatt was starting to feign and found himself in a dicey situation when Justin paid him a visit. Wyatt was not pleased to see Jeffery’s boyfriend. Justin even offered to give Wyatt the tools to kill himself, and thankfully he resisted. Justin came prepared with a bit of drugs to tempt Wyatt. This is very vicious of Justin, and I wonder if this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in his relationship with Jeffery. Thankfully, that nurse came in to interrupt Wyatt from doing something that would put him in a precarious situation.

Back to the Artesian Hotel, Oscar found himself in a tiff by Jim who wanted his money, but it looks like Oscar might have some leverage on Jim that he never expected. Jim got physical and made it clear that he has a death warrant. Jim wanted Intel from Gia about Candace and she played dumb, until he called her out as a plant for the DA. Gia wanted to leave, but Jim planned to utilize Gia to his advantage. Hmm, something is telling me that Jim is about to see himself in a body bag before this season wraps. Karma is coming Jim Cryer and it’s going to be epic.

Hanna and Katheryn had a conversation at the police station about Benny’s predicament. Katheryn was an emotional mess realizing that Benny was about to pay yet again for a crime that Wyatt committed. It was gut-wrenching to watch that moment of Katheryn breaking down in tears. Leslie continued to push Jeffery, just as Candace was on the lookout for Oscar. The final moments of the episode were intense to say the least as Oscar physically assaulted Candace before dragging her to his hotel room. He continued to attack Candace, who retaliated by tossing Oscar out the window. Yes, that happened America! Whew, did NOT see that one coming.

However, next week looks EPIC. Katheryn tells Hanna the truth about Benny’s predicament, Jim makes threats, Candace finds herself in a pickle and Veronica and Hanna go to war to protect Melissa from a terrible fate. If what we’re being teased next week is big, I cannot wait for this season finale. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!