HOLLYWOOD—We left on a cliffhanger and picked up right were we ended things last week in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Hanna and Benny were stunned to discover in the episode ‘On the Edge’ that all of the funds in their bank account were missing. Yes, those funds vanished, and we know Benny and Hanna did not take it, so that only leaves Candace as a possible culprit. The interesting side note is the fact the funds came from the Cryer Company and the only person aware of that was Veronica and Candace.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, Rocky, RK and Broderick got busted by the FBI for their antics. Rocky and Broderick caved in, just as RK made a run for it and escaped. I’m actually glad RK escaped because this causes a ripple in the plans. The question is rather RK is headed to Veronica or to warn Candace that she’s in deep trouble?

Katheryn learned from Hanna that the funds were returned, but she was not aware of the account that her pal discussed. Wyatt was high as a kite, which enraged Jim to no end, just as Katheryn wanted to discuss this ‘new account.’ Jim realized that account was the one that Candace used and he wanted to take action to prove a point. Charles showed off his dance skills which were quite impressive to Candace. So we learn something new about Charles every day. Yes, this guy is just full of secrets to say the least.

Charles was not pleased to learn that Landon might not be able to pull the strings to prevent the story on Candace from hitting the presses. Love or politics, Charles you have to pick one. Back at the police station, Veronica gloated at the thought of seeing her hoodlums arrested, as her plan to teach Justin a lesson came to fruition. Back at David’s place, Jeffery was seen packing a few things, and refused to return home until his father severed ties with Veronica, aka his mother.

David explained Veronica was needed for her legal expertise. Jeffery explained his loyalty to Justin because of Veronica’s antics. Looks like David got his son to see the light of the day and to stay within close range. Veronica made demands yet again, and dear ole David complied without thinking twice about it. Jeffery went to bat for Madison to get his job back with his father, and just when I thought we had witnessed the last of Madison. Benny continued to dig when he realized that Derrick did something so unspeakable that Hanna is refusing to acknowledge him.

Hanna refused to disclose to Benny any details regarding Derrick, just as the issue of WHERE THAT MONEY went raised concerns for Benny. He gave Candace a call asking if she knew what happened to those funds that belonged to the Cryer Company. Candace seemed to be genuinely stunned to learn that the money may have been returned back to her account; which it was! So either Candace knew, it was a mishap or someone set her up. The question that now remains is what will she do now that she has access to those funds?

RK came directly to Veronica and asked for his help to hide out from the Attorney General, because of his role in a prostitution ring at the Artesian Hotel. He begged, but she didn’t seem to care one single bit. When Veronica heard the name Candace Young, it raised her eyebrows. The FBI knocked on the door looking for RK, but they were looking for Veronica, not RK. She was stunned to learn that the FBI was taking her into custody, one way or another, and when she tried to make a move, they meant business. So the Ice Queen has fallen, and I have been waiting to see this transpire for ages.

Justin was placed in lockup where he found himself in a dicey situation. Veronica’s goons stared him down before making a move, where he was violently beat up and attacked. Oh, next week looks like juicy fun. Things don’t look good for Justin, Benny gets to beat Jim to a pulp and David finally makes his move to prove to Veronica that she messed with the wrong person. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!