HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” was one of the best of the season so far, but considering we’ve only had 3 episodes that says a lot. However, it seems last week started to place puzzle pieces into place to foreshadow the chaos that is slated to transpire in coming weeks. This week’s episode, ‘The Appointment’ saw Jim and David flabbergasted to learn that Hanna is in control of the Cryer estate. Jim, how do you feel about all that taunting you were doing to the maid now?

It was so interesting to see that Hanna could have pressed charges against David if she so choose to do so, and Jim was livid learning he has no power when it comes to his wife’s affairs. Katheryn was on cloud nine when Jim paid her a visit and learned that he knows the truth about Hanna being the Power of Attorney of her estate. Jim returned home and was met with Katheryn’s accountants who were only after Mrs. Cryer’s money. Jim looks like your hands are tied, and your past deeds have come back to roost.

Colby was becoming a third wheel in Madison and Jeffery’s relationship. He spilled his guts to his pals that he got into a fight with one of his clients. Jeffery walked in and was taken aback slightly. Jeffery was worried about what the Ice Queen might have planned for his new pal Colby. Oliver was busying taking a call with Gretchen as he attempted to schmooze her onto Charles. Ugh, Oliver you might want to be careful because if you’re on Charles’ bad side that is not a good thing.

It seems like Oliver and Gretchen have a past and powerful families in the process, so much to the point that Oli wants to snake his way into becoming a power player. Sandi played protector as David paid a visit to Vinny to learn more about Mitch, Candace and Benny’s arrangement. I totally forgot that Vinny left Wyatt for dead, and David has no clue he is literally speaking with the devil in disguise. David was digging and it was annoying Vinny to say the least, and David snooping around was causing some problems to say the least.

David poked, but he didn’t get answers, however, it didn’t raise some concern with Vinny to say the least who wanted to speak with Mitch. Katheryn came face-to-face with a woman struggling with being separated from her children. Looks like Katheryn might take this young woman under her wing as a daughter figure to fill that void missing from Amanda. Katheryn planned to help this young woman get custody of her children and nail that developer of her hotel, Patrick pay for his wicked crimes.

So we see Officer Justin back again, this time with Tanner who was poking at his brother’s extracurricular activities. Veronica’s thug arrived to propose an opportunity for him, but he was not the least bit entertained to say the least. Justin tried to warn his brother, who refused to listen. Oli tried to push Gretchen on Charles, but he made it clear he did NOT want to be bothered. Veronica spoke with Tanner to arrange an in-person visit. Justin made a call to Jeffery alerting him of an emergency, but it feel on deaf ears. Jeffery and Colby got closer as Colby realized that Justin was the cop from Jeffery’s past, who stalked him and was constantly calling Jeffery’s cellphone.

Mitch continued to flirt with Candace as it became clear that he has a thing for Benny’s sister. Benny, Mitch and Candace where ready to go to dinner, but were interrupted by Landon who wanted to chat with Landon. She dismissed Mitch and Benny, as Candace decided to have a chat with Landon as he poked his nose around her potential pregnancy. She was nearly speechless when he raised the flag that he was aware she might be pregnant. This is indeed a game changer if Candace is pregnant and the father of her child is Charles people!

Ok, it’s apparent that Landon and Candace have some secrets between them, something about the money, and that Charles has no idea about it. Ok, what am I missing America. The episode concluded with Hanna preparing for bed, but she found herself surprised to find Jim Cryer sitting in her bedroom. Next week looks crazy, as Tanner puts a beating on Justin, Hanna learns secrets about Veronica’s financial woes, Mitch confesses his feelings and Tanner is expected to go after Colby. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!