HOLLYWOOD—There has not been much good TV for the fall 2020 season, and that is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic people. With that said, if there was one show that hooked me instantly and I’ve been watching without missing a beat it’s the ABC drama “Big Sky.” For starters, the series killed off one of its major characters in the first episode, i.e. farewell Ryan Phillippe. With that said, it still has been a whirlwind watching the chaos unfold between a trucker, a Montana State Trooper, three missing women, a retired cop and a private detective searching to locate (in all honesty) the two missing teens who are connected to the retired cop.

Yeah, looks like Rick Legarski and his protégé or minion may have kidnapped the wrong people this time around. Last week’s episode was so good because for reasons I cannot fathom I did not connect the dots that Legarski’s wife, Merrilee has been disinterested in their marriage for such a long time, that her night on the town was with Ronald, yes that Ronald of all people. Legarski did not like hearing his wife had a night out, so much to the point he was ready to take her out of her misery with a hammer at the end of last week’s episode.

In other drama, Cassie and Jenny were like (THIS CLOSE) to locating Danielle, Grace and Jerrie, who were literally right below them. I was screaming at the TV for the ladies to rescue the girls. That’s how you know its good TV: you’re so invested in what is going on you are screaming at your TV and everyone in your house is looking at you like you’re crazy. It was amply titled, ‘A Good Day to Die,’ which saw Rick on the verge of murdering his wife, he fantasized about it, but held restraint.

During this time, Grace decided to push Ronald’s buttons, but he didn’t fracture, just as Cassie and Jenny got closer to busting Legarski, as they honed in on his location. As authorities dawned in on his location, Rick was riled up and showed he was up to no good. Rick Legarski does NOT like Cassie, not the least bit. He’s showing his colors though which is good, but the ladies were too little too late, as Ronald moved Grace, Danielle and Jerrie to another location before the cops arrived.

Legarski gloated with Ronald that their plan to make a move before the cops arrived was working as expected. Ronald did seem to connect the dots that that dance he had may have been opening a door for a war with his co-conspirator. Yeah, Rick your pal is messing around with your wife, just as time seemed to be running out for Grace, Jerrie and Danielle. Cassie found herself on her own, after Jenny was arrested on some baseless claim. I must admit that Ronald’s mother is a character, and they have a relationship that is one for the record books.

Her continued taunting of her son is getting under his skin, especially after he nearly choked her to the death after she called him a ‘sexual pervert.’ Why in the world would she not report him to the authorities or boot him from the house? Please explain that logic to me people. As Rick began preparation to move the girls, things got tense, just as Ronald paid another visit with Merrilee. She made it clear to him that their dance was a one-time thing and that’s it, but they share a kiss people, on that stuck with Merrilee, just as Cassie walked with Ronald walking out!

Ronald confessed to his mother that he was entangled with the missing girls, but refused to give a name. Ok, the information is out there, now it’s time to make something happen people. Cassie was on her way to the Olive Bar to meet Legarski to halt his plans. He received a call, but little did he know Cassie was closing in on his masterplan. Cassie came face-to-face with Legarski, and he heard the missing girl’s screams.

He started to play mind games with Rick as he poked at his wife, he continued to call her bluff just as she fired a shot right at his head. So are the girls rescued or not because that’s a got damn cliffhanger people! New episodes return on Tuesday, January 26.