HOLLYWOOD—Benny Young, the guy just seems to put himself in situations that can change his life with a snap of a finger on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘The Broken Washer’ picked up where last week left off with Benny being held at gunpoint after walking into that bar and finding that body of a Malone. Someone who was killed by Wyatt Cryer, I find it odd that Wyatt and Benny have never had much screen time together on the series.

Benny pleaded his case, but it went in one ear and out the other, too bad the audience never learned the name of that individual. Erica and David joked about Veronica’s latest stunt of setting their cars on fire. I seriously cannot believe that David is protecting Veronica with her latest stunt, but things got interesting when that firefighter recognized Erica. Hmm, how many other secrets does this lady have because Erica was scared straight with that latest hiccup! David was intuitive to the situation, but it was apparent that firefighter didn’t just help Erica change a flat tire, so in due time more of this tale will be revealed.

Oscar did his best to locate Candace who switched rooms in the nick of time, but Veronica was in a drunken stupor. Candace is smart, she already closed her account, but Veronica warned that if Candace didn’t meet her she’d rat her out to Jim Cryer. Hmm, seems with Jeffery untouchable Veronica has to occupy her time in other ways. Jim made threats once again to Sarah who was in a tizzy about Jim’s demands. It raises a large question: will Jim ever learn his lesson.

Katheryn and Jim discussed the situation involving Wyatt. It was apparent Katheryn wants Veronica’s head on a platter. Jim refused to share details with his wife about his plan to handle the District Attorney. An incognito Candace met with Veronica to learn details about David and Erica. A drunken Veronica wanted to hurt David to the core, and the best way to do that was to shatter his heart. Candace was worried when Veronica spilled the tea that Erica is falling for David. Sorry, Candace, Veronica is right here. Candace pushed the notion that Veronica needed to get laid, and the surprise at her house was one that left me aghast.

Hanna provided Melissa some sound advice on her predicament. Per usual Hanna touted religion as a way to get through tough times. Wow, a conversation with Hanna opened Melissa’s mind to go back to school to pursue her degree in law and engineering. Derrick proved that he has an obsession with Hanna, one that I continue to tout as being unhealthy. He invited her on a beach date, and the audience learned the deep secret that he has a relationship with Veronica. So I wonder precisely what the Ice Queen has on him? Rocky seems very upset with Candace, and it was apparent that he spilled details to Oscar about the vixen getting her hands on a lot of money. Hmm, Rocky, be careful, Candace has someone named Charles in her corner who will protect her at all cost.

The bar seemed a bit crowded, with Gia vying for Jim’s affection, just as Sarah took a triple to take her mind off the notion of entertaining Jim and his antics. Landon, Landon, why in the world would you contact Jeffery? I mean you too haven’t spoken in what seems like eons. Landon explained his situation with Jeffery, similar to what he encountered with Wyatt.  The way Jim treated Sarah was downright despicable to say the least America, and as a final barter, Jim requested Sarah get her hands on the bullets from Amanda’s shooting, and it’s apparent she is a tricky situation to say the least.

Jeffery was waked from his sleep once again, this time by Wyatt who wanted to chat about his financial woes. Wyatt confessed to Jeffery that he killed a man at a bar, but Jeffery was concerned about waking up Justin. This is scary because Wyatt is considering suicide people. Justin overheard the conversation and was not pleased to say the least and was adamant about joining Jeffery in his quest to help Wyatt. The threats just keep on coming from Justin; his obsession with Jeffery is downright scary. I can see some crazy stuff heading the audience’s way on the series.

Derrick was not happy to have Veronica proposition him, and it’s apparent the two slept together in the past, and she got him out of jail and helped him nab a job with Katheryn. Yes, it’s very clear the Ice Queen has her hooks in many people’s lives. It was nice to see Derrick stand his ground against a villainess, but I still think he is a face from Hanna’s past; he might even be Candace’s father people! Really, we just get back to things were the episode who kicked off with Benny trying to plead his case. Desperate, Benny took action as gunfire was unleashed. Looks like things get crazy next season, as Jim learns Candace’s secret, Wyatt gets committed, Veronica finds a new toy to play with and Justin proves he is indeed as crazy as I expected. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die hards!