HOLLYWOOD—Last week was one hell of an episode on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode ‘The Damned Defibrillator’ picked up where last week ended with Hanna escaping her home after stabbing Candace’s accomplice. He struggled to the van, where Leslie and Candace fled the scene, just as Derrick came to a hysterical Hanna’s aid. Back at the hospital, Jeffery was concerned about David’s wellbeing, but it also appeared that a new love connection could be brewing between Jeffery and Madison.

Jeffery came face-to-face with Veronica who decided to pay David a visit, as he physically attempted to restrain the woman who nearly killed his father. Another battle between mother and son transpired, as the Ice Queen refused to acknowledge her sins of the past. When Veronica started to verbally and physically attack David, Jeffery used the defibrillator to give his mother the shock of her life literally and she found herself in a hospital bed out for more blood.

Benny found himself in a precarious situation, when Mitch warned him that his family is after him, and from a distance mobsters were watching him while at the bar. Benny started to give looks, and Mitch warned him against his better will to NOT leave the public sphere or to head home. However, it looks like Mitch’s family is now looking to target Wyatt, just as Mitch went to bat for Benny, while his family was out for blood. Jeffery must have that charm because even Madison was willing to cover for him.

Justin arrived at Hanna’s place to learn that a man was refusing to cooperate with the police. Hmm, looks like this guy wants to get arrested and he punched Justin to prove it. Justin retaliated with a punch of his own. Looks like this guy’s goal is to get inside a prison cell to take care of Wyatt. Leslie and Candace went into panic mode learning that their ‘pal’ stole a bevy of money (I’m guessing that is the money that Benny had). Too bad he was dead, and as a result Candace lit the van on fire to destroy the evidence. Damn, this girl is cold-blooded and will do almost anything and I mean anything to get ahead.

Hanna’s statement was taken by the police, just as she noted that the perpetrator was looking for Candace because she owed him money. Yes, Hanna give the police all the details about Candace because she deserves to face the music for this latest stunt. Wow, Hanna disclosed to Derrick that she was raped and he nearly shattered to pieces. I cannot believe Candace would force her mother to relieve the scariest moment in her life in an effort to get her hands on money that didn’t belong to her. Maybe I was wrong about Derrick, he’s not the bad guy that I think he is, but whatever he did in his past is BAD, so bad to the point that even Hanna could sense it when he broke down crying.

Wyatt looks like he could be in serious trouble since that ‘man’ who was waiting outside Hanna’s home has found himself in the same jail cell. Justin egged Wyatt on about getting him some drugs. Justin is indeed a cruel fiend, but the biggest question of the hour is what he will do when he learns that Jeffery has another admirer in the mix. Hanna was comforted when Katheryn stopped by to chat, just as Jim did his best to work magic in hopes of getting Wyatt out of jail before something bad transpires.

The final moments of the episode were quite interesting to say the least as Benny rushed to get home after hearing Hanna was attacked, but not before being met by some goons from the Malone clan ready to take him out. Next week looks tantalizing as Veronica cozies up to Leslie, Justin gets jealous and it seems Jim is desperate to save Wyatt at all costs. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!