HOLLYWOOD—Every so often Tyler Perry manages to surprise fans of his hit series “The Haves and the Have Nots” and I must say this season finale did not deliver to me what I wanted. ‘The Reaping,’ such a scary title was laying the groundwork to what seems like a possible series finale in the near future. The number of enemies that the Ice Queen is building is beyond anything I can imagine.

Things kicked off with the audience picking up where last week left off with Wyatt having his wrists cut courtesy of Vinny with his plan to leave the remaining Cryer child to die because Katheryn refused to pay Mama Rose’s debt. Wyatt has more lives than I can count and in my opinion it is finally time to take him out.

Tanner came face-to-face with Veronica Harrington and did not seem pleased to see this woman taunting his little brother. She shared a bit of tea about Justin sexually assaulting Jeffery in the back of his patrol car which threw Tanner for a loop to say the least America.

Benny confronted Candace about lying about Derrick, and she feigned ignorance about Derrick being the guy who raped Hanna. Candace tried to reason with her brother about his temper, and thank God because this guy thinks he has no kryptonite and until he is brought down to reality he will not realize what transpired. Oh, it feels like Madison is a bit jealous of the relationship building between Colby and Jeffrey. Seems like Colby is everything Jeffery wishes he was.

The Ice Queen just continues to be the highlight of the party. She issued threats to Jeffery and he barked back, just as Madison called the police to woo the threat away. Jeffery started to puff his chest making it clear that his mother does not rattle him and if she pushes his buttons she might regret it. The situation got intense when Colby showed up and round two culminated.

Colby vs. Veronica let’s go America. Jeffery warned him not to disclose his name to the Ice Queen. Barbs were traded between both, just as Colby wanted to create a scene to push Veronica out the door. Ok, this episode is not as juicy as I expected, but Veronica takes the cake for power player of the week. For as much as David attempted to resist, he gave into temptation, just like most men and it was beyond frustrating.

Laura was infatuated with all the fashion that Veronica gave to her, but her hubby made it clear that this woman is dangerous and should not be trusted. Yeah Laura, you should be careful, because I have the feeling that Veronica is trying to set you up to take the fall for the person trying to eliminate her. Veronica blackmailed Samuel about his past and it got dicey as he was being forced to step into the dungeon against his will.

Samuel showed up to Veronica’s place per her demands, as Veronica was looking to have a bit of fun. Samuel is no idiot; he refused to allow Veronica to force him to take a drink as he walked into her bedroom with money poured all over the bed as a form of temptation. Really, what the hell is with this David and I already forgot her name storyline? What is her relevance and the fact that it’s dragging is boring me to the core. She issued threats in regards to David buying her a house before she got dressed and made her exit. She injured herself and noted that she was raped in her quest to stage a scene. Yeah, David you feel for a trap and it was not good to say the least.

The episode culminated with Wyatt’s body being found by a woman in a car. Is Wyatt truly dead? I mean he has indeed cheated death more times than I can count, so perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel’s back America.

Now for this bombshell of a reveal that fans would be pleased with: um, the new season will return in just a month America, yes, November 24, the new season for “The Haves and the Have Nots” to kick off. That is NOT too long America, so that is a good thing. I won’t be too bored on ‘Temptation Tuesday’ for that long. Until we speak again “HAHN” fanatics!