HOLLYWOOD—Well just when the audience suspected that Quincy was dead, it seemed Jeffrey and Candace didn’t stab him enough. In the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” ‘The Right Medicine,’ Candace gloated as she slowly watched Quincy beg for his life. He raised her interest by poking at the notion that her son is ill and is in need of medicine that only he has access to. Would Candace dig deeper for answers?

Jeffrey ran into a sticky situation as he found himself being interrogated by Officer Justin. Not only was Jeffrey racially profiled, but he was sexually harassed by the officer who used his authority to get favors that he wanted. Wow, I never saw the show heading in this direction, and trying to figure out Officer Justin’s motives left my brain spinning. Little does he know that Jeffrey’s parents are David and Veronica Harrington! Let’s just say they are people to not mess around with.

Quita continued dabbling in her brother Quincy’s business, unaware that she might be opening a can of worms that will not be easily closed. Jennifer continued her quest to take down the Harrington and Cryer clan by utilizing Wyatt as her meal ticket. Benny inadvertently confessed to Warlock about his towing business that he wanted him to work for. Benny has raised the suspicions of Candace’s partner in crime who was stunned to discover just how much money Candace came into and didn’t provide him with a big enough cut.

Hanna discovered that with cash running low, she would soon have to find another place to live. She received the third degree from the social worker, who informed her that stability is a must for her grandson to stay in her custody. Quincy Jr. alerted his grandmother that he wasn’t feeling well. Hanna should know better; something is wrong with her grandson and it’s time for her to heed the warnings that are being delivered to her.

Back at the campaign office, Maggie continued to spin her wheels to dig a grave for Veronica, while pushing David closer into her corner. Jennifer pulled more strings to get Jeffrey in the cell near his parents, just as Wyatt continued with his downward spiral as he purchased drugs. He placed his dealer in a bad spot asking for drugs that he couldn’t afford. Hmm, why do I suspect that Wyatt is about to get involved in a drug deal gone wrong that will have ripple effects.

Veronica was livid when she discovered that Maggie leaked the photo to the press of her having an affair with Hanna’s son Benny. When Katheryn poked at the issue, Veronica snapped. Jim and David were also updated on Veronica’s affair which left David shattered; he finally realized that his wife has not been faithful. Warlock showed up at Candace’s home and was none too pleased to discover she hoodwinked him about the amount of money he should have earned for helping her swindle that money from Jim Cryer.

Okay, Candy you’re not having the best of luck lately. I mean first Quincy viciously attacks you, next its Warlock who literally chokes her off the floor before realizing a dead Quincy is next to him on the floor. Hmm, I’m dying to know how this tale will play out. Next week, the Harrington clan will be forced to face the music as all three find themselves in cells next to each other. Maybe a bit of family therapy will be just what the Harrington crew needs to survive such adversity. Can’t wait to see what other chaos emerges next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ on “The Haves and The Have Nots!”