HOLLYWOOD—Man it has been way too long! I’m ecstatic that Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots” have returned. I mean I went nearly a month without being able to watch my guilty pleasure after that stunning episode where Oscar, Melissa and Erica all bite the dust. Yeah, the body count was huge, but this ultimately sets the stage for what is certain to be a season finale that blows the audience’s socks off.

Why? This week’s episode ‘The Road to Hell’ sets the stage for Veronica and David to go to war, Jeffery to start to realize the danger of Justin, and Jim and Katheryn go to war over Wyatt, not to mention Hanna going to war with Veronica. People are indeed making enemies; that is all I can say. Things kicked off with Hanna and Veronica in utter shock about Melissa’s suicide.

Hanna was livid, and so was Veronica, and I thought a catfight was about to erupt. Man, I love this dialogue between these two women, I would love for Hanna to snatch Veronica’s wig, but they constantly traded spars, without getting physical. Veronica questioned Hanna about her newest home, but Hanna allowed Veronica to wallow. You reap what you sew. This is interesting: Veronica and Derrick crossed paths yet again, but she still didn’t connect the dots that Derrick is smitten by Hanna. Oh, this is EPIC! Hanna watched the entire conversation from the window! She knows something is NOT right, this is indeed interesting.

Jeffery avoided his mother’s calls just as Justin dug for information about Leslie. Jeffery called out Justin on his sociopathic tendencies. Crazy comparison: Justin like Veronica, never pegged that, but it is quite accurate. Candace had a conversation with Leslie and a bit of muscle. Really Candace, you’re about to threaten your own mother to get money, even, her muscle refused to steep that low. Jeez, someone has a conscience and I love that. Benny and Candace had a tense conversation about her getting her hands on Jim Cryer’s money, and he questioned his sister about all her antics from past to present.

Candace continued to bribe Benny by offering him a million dollars, but he refused to play game with his sister this time. She asked her brother to convince Hanna to allow him to get access to that money, and Candace made veiled threats that Benny somewhat picked up on, but not really. Oh, Candace using Gia to keep Benny busy to distract Hanna and it worked, as he was slightly smitten by her.

Uncle Vinny is not dead, and Mitch got confirmation that it was Wyatt Cryer who nearly killed him. Looks like Mitch is being forced into the family business against his wishes, and he spoke to Benny to apologize for accusing him of a crime that he didn’t. Candace put into motion his plan to scare Hanna, which I think is about to bite this vixen in a major way.

I’ve been waiting for this confrontation since the last episode between Katheryn and Jim. Jim was livid about his wife’s actions, and Jim made it crystal clear that he would do whatever possible to keep his son out of prison. I thought Katheryn would be a bit more remorseful about Wyatt’s predicament, but she stood her ground. However, it was Hanna’s appearance that left Jim shook to say the least. This conversation as interesting as Hanna wanted answers about that money and she revealed that money is part of her account. I love this Hanna; she has a bit of sass and it’s fun as hell to watch.

Jim spilled the tea about how Hanna got her hands on that money, and Hanna wanted answers about Jim’s threats on Benny. Jim tossed names at Candace, which offended Hanna to say the least. I have no clue how this dynamic is going to play out, but I’m intrigued to see where things transpire. George paid Wyatt a visit inside a jail about his latest predicament. It looks like the District Attorney is still planning to use Wyatt to nail Jim and Katheryn. Wow, it looks like the DA is even done with Wyatt.

The final moments delivered confirmation to the audience that Erica is indeed dead (gruesome image to say the least), but David while seriously injured is still alive. Let the fireworks begin because when Jeffery learns what Veronica did this will be interesting, not to mention Veronica seeing a face palm with the revelation that DAVID, her hubby is very much alive! I did not think this season could be more interesting, but Candace is really going through with threatening her mother to get her hands on that money. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!