HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” before the series finale next week. I was hoping Perry would lay the groundwork for what would certainly become a finale people would be talking about for days, weeks, months and years to come. This week’s episode, ‘Trouble Man’ saw some pieces or puzzles finally put together, while some others came to light that made you scratch your head and also say, “Really!?”

So as I predicted last week, the faces from Candace’s past are here to haunt her: Oscar, War, Erica, Quincy and her son to say the least. The voices were indeed getting to Candace, but Benny returned to the hotel room to snap Candace out of the torture that was eating away at her psyche. Wyatt saw himself restrained by Leo, as David and Jeffrey realized the chaos transpiring downstairs. Madison wanted to call the cops, but David put a stop to it.

Things got more interesting as Veronica Harrington aka the Ice Queen returned with William. David and Jeffrey both confronted Veronica who unleashed veiled threats about death, and the fact that this ‘guy’ is actually his father. It was obvious that Veronica’s tactics were getting underneath her son’s skin. David called Veronica out on killing Erica and Maggie Day. The Ice Queen was not worried about threats of death, but she should be to say the least people.

Jeffrey started to question rather David was his father and it looks like the Ice Queen may have finally crossed the line in David’s book. Veronica returned home and was surprised to see Marko waiting to see her. Hmm, Veronica is not as smart as I thought, if she is buying Marko’s excuse without actual evidence to prove it. He demanded his money, as Veronica tried to flirt her way out of things. Back at the Iron Bone bar, Mitch showcased his wounds to Uncle Vinny.

Looks like Vinny’s quench to prove his stature is going to be the downfall of the Malone clan. Mitch was worried about Benny’s wellbeing, and Vinny made it clear that he’s the boss. Oh, I cannot wait to see Vinny and Sandy receive their comeuppance. Yeah, something is not clicking here people, I feel like a ton of storylines are not going to be completed before this series finale because Mr. Tyler Perry is playing games. Katheryn got a cellmate, Diamond, one she was not expecting to say the least, one courtesy of her hubby Jim.

Here we go with another unexpected surprise? Hanna comes home to find a woman outside her home with a baby, a woman named Tanisha, who was looking for Benny. Really? Benny has a baby that nobody knows about. Really? Don’t introduce new storylines without wrapping up previous ones, especially when the audience knows we are one episode away from the series finale. Looks like Benny’s constant bed hopping has result in a child. Benny was in complete denial, as Hanna made it clear to her son he better get home ASAP to handle his situation.

Jim showed up to handle Wyatt, but it ended up as a bad situation with Wyatt overdosing yet again. If I’m being honest, Wyatt can overdose and I’m ok with it. He’s cheated death so many times people. Leo and Jim panicked, as well as David as they realized Wyatt had no pulse. Madison came to perform CPR, as the worry became too much for Jim and company to handle.

Benny was taken aback by the news, as Candace tried to warn her brother that not being careful could result in such issues. However, the situation became tense when Benny and Candace learned that things were about to get dangerous to say the least thanks to Vinny. Benny got a call from Sandy who noted he was outside his home, the home that actually belonged to Hanna. Benny connected the dots, and they realized that Sandy was outside Hanna’s place. The Malone clan opened fire on the residence unaware they targeted the wrong people.

I know in my gut Hanna is safe, but based on this teaser, anybody could meet their maker. Benny is on the shortlist, Candace battles the Malones, but I’m sure, Charles and company will come to her aide, I don’t know about Veronica and when it comes to Jim, David and Jeffrey it is anybody’s guess. It has been fun “Haves and Have Nots” fans for the past 8 years. Be here next Tuesday for the series finale that is certain to have fans aghast. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “HAHN” die-hards!