HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s season five premiere of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” was a treat. This week’s episode, ‘Waiting for Candace’ added more sparks to the fire.  Things picked up precisely where last week left off with Katheryn attacking Veronica with that butcher knife. Friends have indeed become enemies and a chase up the stairs, led to Veronica gaining the upper hand by slicing Katheryn before kicking her down a flight of stairs.

Back at the hospital Jeffrey was on edge worried about the authorities searching Candace’s home, just as Wyatt proved a near death experience hasn’t changed him one bit. Jim’s son continues to push Jeffrey’s buttons and his attraction to him. Jeffrey exploded for once on Wyatt when he attempted to leave the hospital room. Candace updated Jeffrey from the outskirts of her home, on edge with the fact that her home was being searched and the truth about Quincy could come to light. Is Candace looking to throw her pal under the bus? Good, they came to an agreement that they both played a role in Quincy’s death. Candace came up with a plan to utilize Officer Justin’s sexuality to her advantage.

Hanna continued to keep her spirits high in the midst of utter chaos, just as Benny prayed that Candace would come through with the money. Unfortunately, mother knows best. Hanna delivered a bit of truth to Benny about who Candace REALLY is, while Benny defended his sister even though he has been wronged by him multiple times. The tension between these two was palpable, and Hanna planned to find a motel.

David was not comfortable chatting with Erica about his impending divorce to Veronica. Erica might want to be careful, the last person that came after David, wound up dead. This girl is pretty smart, pinpointing an affair as the dagger in the marriage. The man is smitten, which means Candace’s plan is working accordingly. Well, things are interesting; Brandon and David had a meeting, where he seemed coy about revealing that Candace is onto their duplicity.

Well, David has a new place that Veronica has no idea about. David received a call yet again from Jim who is concerned about the whereabouts of Katheryn, asking his pal to stop by the Cryer household. Looks like Jim has his pulse on the situation as well. Back at the tow yard Mitch became concerned when an odd man was in the parking lot taking inventory which worried him, and the two pals had a conversation about losing the tow yard. Man I haven’t seen Benny this depressed since the series premiered. Mitch allowed his Malone side to come out, when the court attempted to take his truck, and he backed that tow-truck out without hesitation. Classic moment!

Candace returned to her abode to get answers on what the police are searching for it. Candace was unnerved by Quita who made accusations that Candy killed her brother. Candace had a conversation with Officer Justin, where she poked at him about his attraction to Jeffrey. Man seeing Candace toy with Justin was epic fun to say the least. Justin made his threats as well, so it looks like both have each other by the throat, it’s just a question of who is willing to pull the trigger first. Justin better work his magic.

Jim had a conversation with Warlock noting that he was eagerly waiting to be released from behind bars. War was fueled with anger, unaware that it was Mitch who placed drugs in his trunk not Candace. Veronica decided to make a run for it with Katheryn knocked out cold. As Veronica rumbled for an outlet, Katheryn woke up with butcher knife in hand. Mrs. Cryer demanded for Veronica to leave her home, just as David interrupted the situation, stunned by what he was witnessing.

Next week looks good people, as Justin finds himself getting deeper into Candace’s tangled web, and David and Katheryn experience Veronica’s fury. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,” “Haves and Have Not” die-hards!