WEST HOLLYWOOD—Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, Inc. announced on Wednesday, May 20 they will be hosting its inaugural online auction series “Pop Art Editions and Originals.”

Hamilton-Selway has been providing the West Coast with pop and contemporary art for 24 years. They have established themselves as one of the largest providers of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Robert Longo to galleries and dealers.

The auction will run from May 27 thru June 10 with 38 pieces to bid on from artists like Salvador Dali and Donald Sultan.

In a press release, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, Inc.  said they like to bring the best to their clients:

“Hamilton-Selway is focused on bringing the most robust, market-tested, blue-chip names to the auction-block exclusively for our clients.”

Co-owner Ron Valdez said the auction is a way to keep the business going during the unforeseen times of COVID-19 that has left their retail store closed for the time being.

“As a small business owner, we are trying to keep all of our employees paid, which we are, and while our artwork is selective this is a way they can enjoy it.”

Valdez indicated that since the press release, they gained a lot of interest and phone calls inquiring about the event. He said that while the gallery isn’t an essential business it matters.

“It isn’t essential, but it is essential to those who enjoy art and color and can’t get out to see it,” said Valdez.

Pre-registration for the live bidding is now open through their website.