HOLLYWOOD HILLS— On Friday, May 29 it was reported that the royal couple, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, had been getting stalked by drones hovering over their home in Hollywood Hills.

The couple have been complaining about being in the public eye and not getting any privacy as any human being should have. The royal couple from England decided to move from their mansion in Vancouver Island to Hollywood Hills to avoid media scrutiny, but since they moved into their friend Tyler Perry’s home, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have reported five cases of drones circling around their home to the non-emergency hotline of Los Angeles police department within the month of May. The drones flew as far as 20 feet above their home and captured a photograph of the couple playing with their son Archie.

Living room in the L.A. house of the royal couple (Courtesy of Instagram)

Both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have expressed concern with the overbearing media attention they have been exposed to. Prince Harry asserted in an interview last year that every time he gets photographed he gets reminded of his mother Princess Diana’s death, which was due to a car accident that occurred while trying to evade the paparazzi. Duchess Meghan has also vocalized that the public attention has been overwhelming for her mental health, especially while she was pregnant.

The L.A. property of the royal couple is guarded by security detail, but there is still no protection against foreign drones or cars stalking them in the streets. Even last month, the couple were almost involved in an accident as the paparazzi cornered them to take a snapshot while they were on their way to deliver food for the ill. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the royal couple has been delivering meals to residents of L.A. diagnosed with the critical illness through a partnership with the non-profit organization Project Angel Food.

The study room in the L.A. house of the royal couple (courtesy of Instagram)