HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” have been a guilty pleasure of mine every Tuesday since it premiered nearly 3 years ago. However, the first portion of season four has been must-see. So many surprises and twists have taken place that the notion of being on “the edge of your seat” is an understatement. The mid-season finale episode, “48 Hours” saw a ton of storylines come to a feverish pitch, as well as a deadly end.

Warlock broke inside Candace’s home and made threats more frightening than viewers expected when he slapped her in the face, but Erica interrupted the tense conversation. Hmm, interesting that Warlock doesn’t know this lady, but Erica knows all about him. Erica alerted Candace that Jazmin was her sister, who Warlock murdered over $700. She provided Candace with all the paperwork to get the funds that she needs, which made me wonder if Erica might want to seek vengeance. Finally, someone is talking sense into Candace about thinking about the safety of her child.

David did his best to get Jim to spill the beans about the hit he placed on Veronica. Both pals made threats, and he made it evident he has strings even behind bars; he had Veronica’s wig. David STOP protecting this woman; she is vindictive as hell and deserves all that she gets. Candace saw a banker to gain the funds needed to save her life. The banker who also works for Jim Cryer wanted to pay Jim a visit to alert him of the latest development. Katheryn barged into District Attorney Sallison’s office wanting to get in communication with Wyatt. Jennifer was not pleased when Katheryn dug up her past and her fertility specimen. Damn, Katheryn is one feisty woman when she is pissed, and revealed that Jennifer had just been conned by a drug addict.

Hanna stopped by Candace’s place to get the details on Quincy Jr., which Benny did his best to cover for the situation of a lawsuit against the Cryer family. Benny was slightly quiet on the situation, and Hanna raised a ton of hell. It prompted mother and daughter to go toe-to-toe yet again. Hanna was adamant that Benny was not suing him, and admitted that Mrs. Cryer paid all of his medical bills. She then told her son that his sister took money from Jim Cryer that paid for her home, Benny’s home and the tow yard. She lied yet again, which Benny became defensive about.

Hanna begged her daughter to let her raise Quincy Jr., and she revealed that she was willing to give her grandson everything that he needs for stability. I have never seen Hanna so emotional, and Candace allowed her vicious tongue to attack her mother and the two indulged in a slap match that led to war. She wiped her hands with her daughter; Candace was emotional about the fallout. Gosh, waterworks is falling from my face watching this intense scene. Well done Mr. Perry, well done!

David got the goods on Veronica’s new abode. Back at The Sarandon Hotel, it became apparent that Wyatt overdosed on drugs, and it was a sad scene to watch all of his pals to abandon him. Lloyd alerted Jim that Candace Young wanted a loan and he told his associate about Candy’s homes and tow yard. What? Jim had a change of heart and told the banker to give Candace the loan; he just might save her life. He made it clear in the paperwork that if she didn’t repay the funds in 15 days she’d lose it all.

The social worker returned to Candy’s home with the funds that our vixen had been waiting for. She prompted Candace to ensure that she would be at the hospital to pick up her son and spotted Veronica waiting outside her home, just as Jeffrey arrived. He was none too pleased to see his mother out of prison. The Ice Queen made a 911 call about an intruder at her residence, and delivered another Oscar-worthy performance. Candace and Veronica traded spars, and these two ladies were none too pleased to see one another. Uh-oh, the bombshell involving Quincy is about to come out in the open.

Per usual, Jeffrey refused to acknowledge his mother, and the issue of Melissa arose yet again. She made threats, and she made plans to get a wedding between Jeffrey and Melissa moving along. Veronica proved her authority yet again, as Candace and Jeffrey realized she knows about Quincy being murdered. Darn, just when the Ice Queen can be brought down a notch, she gains an edge. Jennifer got the scoop on Wyatt’s room at The Sarandon Hotel, just as security stumbled upon Wyatt’s unconscious body.

The final moments of the episode saw Veronica arrive at her home just as the culprit prepared to fire a bullet at her as she opened the door, the cops arrived on the scene, just as Maggie showed up. This woman sure knows how to stage a scene. Maggie was skeptical about entering Veronica’s home, just as Jim’s hit man fired a bullet. Looks like Maggie is a goner, and David will know all too well that his wife set-up Maggie to take the bullet. Veronica might be in the power position now, but with Wyatt in danger, and that secret that Katheryn still has no idea what Veronica did to Wyatt in prison, the Ice Queen should prepare for a war because it coming.

We have to wait till June 21 to see what transpires. Until ‘Temptation Tuesday’ returns “Haves and Have Nots” love-birds!