HOLLYWOOD—I will admit the season five finale of “Pretty Little Liars” was a major let down. Not only were we teased the reveal of “A,” but were expected to have a ton of questions answered that weren’t answered at all. When the ‘Big A Reveal’ took place during the mid-season finale it was none other than Cece Drake aka Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis who was the culprit.

What a disappointment! So the season six finale has emerged and viewers were dropped with an epic bomb, a TWIN would be unmasked! Yep, ‘Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars’ saw the face of a twin that left me floored. MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE STOP READING NOW! The twin is none other than MARY DRAKE aka the sister of Jessica DiLaurentis!

This episode as with many “PLL” finales was loaded with tons of information and clues for fans. The episode kicked off with Hanna and the rest of the gang patiently waiting to hear an answer from the enemy. The new “A” suspected that Hanna might be lying and if so they planned to shoot all of them. No police, so that means the culprit is about seeking vengeance, and death was imminent for a blunt liar if her pals can’t save her. Ali and Elliott continued to bask in romance as he planned to leave her alone.

Looking like Spoby could be reigniting that spark as they did their best to gather clues on Sara Harvey and her secret passageway. Caleb and Emily helped Hanna with their plan to trap the enemy, just as Toby realized that a records room has been kept hidden inside of Radley. Ezra broke down in front of Aria confessing the pain of losing Nicole. Spoby, Ezria, Haleb, it looks like all the power couples are indeed getting back together. Alison saw a ‘deathly’ appearance from her mother, right before getting a disturbing phone call from a woman whispering, “Did you miss me?”

Emily paid Ali a visit to see if her friend is hallucinating, seeing things that aren’t actually there. Looks like someone was watching the ladies from outside the window, is Emison reigniting a spark also? The craziness of the election has thrown everyone in the loop including Spencer and Mona who traded spars before the former “A” threw her hat in the ring to help Mrs. Hastings win her bid for senator. Yvonne gave Toby the cold shoulder, just as Caleb and Hanna set-up camp at the old Lost Woods Resort. Hmm, it’s amazing how this creepy place continues to play a role in the series since its introduction in season two.

Aria joined the party with Emily to help watch over Ali, who got a visit from Detective Wilden from beyond the grave or so viewers are made to think? Aria and Emily flipped when Ali noted she was touched by Wilden. Well Peter Hastings is back in the picture, and I wonder why he only returns when major things transpire. Spencer said the infamous “I love you,” but Caleb didn’t echo that sentiment. Ali continued to see images of her dead mother and a dead Detective Wilden. So it may be evident that Ali is indeed losing her sanity.

Ezra and Aria celebrated great news about their book getting the greenlight and it sparked the two to share several steamy kisses that led to lovemaking! Back at the Lost Woods Resort Hanna and Caleb discussed their past and a flashback gave the viewer the entire tale of what led to their relationship falling apart. Emily accepted a video message from Elliott, where both became concerned about Ali’s whereabouts. The Hastings clan had a toast for victory, but I wonder just where Melissa was?

Ali chose to visit the bell tower, the place where Charlotte took that fatal fall. Aria, Ezra, Caleb and Hanna continued the mission. Hanna confessed to her first true love that she planned to travel Europe with him instead of work, but by the time she returned he was already gone, he left his phone so she was unable to reach him.

There is so much romance in this finale, Haleb reunited with a passionate kiss, which might not make Jordan and Spencer too happy! Hanna sent a message to her tormentor to meet at the Lost Woods Resort, to settle their score.

Inside the church’s bell tower, Ali prayed to higher power, just as Emily found her pal. The two shared an honest conversation, where old feelings resurfaced. Back inside the newly renovated Radley, Spencer and Toby searched for the hidden records room while they bonded with one another, and spotted Mona who was following the lovely couple.

The trio broke into the old records room where they discovered a file on a Mary Drake, who had a child named Charles, who was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis. Charlotte and Jason were not related, and the trio speculated that Charlotte’s real mother hid the file to protect her. Ok people, this information a MAJOR game changer. This gives us motive as to why the new enemy would want someone to pay for Charlotte’s death.

Ezra, Aria and Caleb ran to Hanna’s aid, but by the time they got to her she had already vanished. Emily stood by Alison’s side as she decided to have herself voluntarily committed. Gosh, I never expected Ali to do such a thing, which prompted Emily to speak with the friend who first helped her realize her true self. Perhaps, this was the plan of Uber A all along. The results are in Veronica Hastings was elected as the new state senator of Pennsylvania. Spencer received a call that prompted her and Toby to rush to the cabin with Mona in tow. They located a trap door in the basement of the room and the gang watched a video of a TWIN, which was none other than Jessica’s twin sister, MARY DRAKE!

We saw another appearance of Detective Wilden, but it was a set-up courtesy of Elliott who wanted to drive Ali crazy. Yep, Ali and Charlotte were cousins, not sisters. The liars finally got a signature from Mary Drake who thanked the ladies for giving her Hanna and signed the name AD. But is she really Uber A? I think that might be way too easy people, this is “PLL!”

The final moments of the episode showed Hanna being pulled inside the bell tower by a mysterious party with roses lying on her body. Looks like she was drugged! Dear God, this was such a loaded finale I have to watch it again to decipher. We have no idea what is going to happen with Hanna? What is Mary Drake and Elliott up to? Who killed Charlotte? Well, “Pretty Little Liars” returns in June for season seven, which looks to wrap up this chaos once and for all for fans! Until summer “PLL” fanatics!