HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Haves Nots” ended with Maggie and David finding themselves caught in a trap. The latest episode ‘Candace’s Closing’ picked up with David pouring out his heart and soul to Maggie about his love for his troubled wife, Veronica.

Instead of confronting his wife, David hurried off back to the office. Jim rushed back to the jail to pick up Wyatt and learned that his son was locked in a cell with Milton, a dangerous prisoner who attacked and sexually assaulted his son. Jim lost it and punched one of the officers and then went after another guard who seemed to be working in cahoots with Veronica. Jim is no idiot and was well aware that things were staged; when someone comes after Jim’s family, he literally dismantles anyone who gets in his way.

Wyatt begged his father to get him out, but Jim seemed slightly conflicted about revealing the truth to his son about what he knows. Gosh, for the first time in a long-time, I sincerely feel sorry for what Wyatt is enduring. Back at the hospital, Candace received a bit of comfort from Oscar in the midst of her legal drama involving her mother and she was dismissed from the hospital. Realizing that Candace was in a pickle about her real job, Oscar covered for her. Hanna was desperate to reunite with her grandson and determined to sit in the waiting room as long as possible until a decision was made.

After what seemed like weeks, Jim got Wyatt out of prison and took him home. Little does Wyatt know that his father had no involvement with the prisoner who assaulted him. Back at the campaign office, David and Maggie pulled strings for the big live TV interview announcing their run for the governor’s seat. Jeffrey disclosed details to his dad about his mother’s latest stunt. Jeffrey confronted his father about his fear of seeing his wife for who she truly is; a wicked fiend. Finally, someone is speaking a truth to David that he desperately needed to hear.

Hanna was not pleased to discover from the social worker that it’s likely that Candace will receive custody of Quincy Jr. I hate to say this, but Hanna shouldn’t have fought as hard as she did to keep custody of her grandson from her daughter. Candace moved into her new residence, with Oscar by her side. It’s very clear that this relationship is more than just a fling.

Benny began to question Candace’s ability to purchase such a pricey home. The siblings bickered about their mother’s involvement in the custody battle. Once again, Benny is gullible to his sister’s scheme, but was taken for a loop when she surprised him with his own home. I can’t believe that Hanna is the only person who really sees through all of her daughter’s shenanigans. When Benny expressed his interest in moving his mother in his home, Candace was none too pleased. He gave his sister the ultimatum that if he moves his mother must come with him. I can’t believe it, brother and sister are finally having a squabble over something.

Wyatt came face-to-face with Katheryn and the reception she received from her son was slightly cold. Jim and his wife debated whether they wanted to go through with the big announcement. Wyatt, in a frenzy, packed up his clothes and asked Jeffrey to come pick him up. Jim spoke to David and screamed to the fifth degree about what transpired with Wyatt. David was well aware of the person responsible for Wyatt’s attack (his wife Veronica). If he gives her to Jim, she is as good as dead.

The confrontation the audience has been waiting for finally transpired as David asked Veronica about her appearances at the tow yard. She revealed she was sleeping with the owner, but he didn’t take her serious. He confronted his wife about all of her evil misdeeds, including what she just did to Wyatt. He called his wife ‘insane,’ and she divulged that she was having an affair behind his back and she served her hubby with divorce papers. Must say I did not see that one coming.

Katheryn showed a bit of concern regarding Hanna, who later revealed that Candace is seeking custody of her grandson. Wow, she plans on using her Katheryn’s connection to get sole custody of her grandson. Hanna is playing with fire, she better be careful. Wyatt snuck out the house and met Jeffrey where he confessed that he was in jail and that terrible things happened to him.

At the press conference, Maggie had another confrontation with Veronica, just as Jim and David prepared for their interview with Dianna Whinchil. While being interviewed by Dianna, Jim announced that he was indeed running for governor of the state of Georgia. It became apparent that Dianna had plans to drop a bombshell on viewers for her TV show and piqued the theory that Jim has more kids than what she is willing to reveal.

Celine dropped a bomb on Jim on national TV by holding a live interview with Jim’s illegitimate kids. The audience already knew about Carlos, but it appears his relationship with Celine goes much deeper. Next week looks to amplify the drama as the season three finale edges closer. Until next Tuesday “Have and Have Nots” die-hards!