HOLLYWOOD—Has the murderer been caught on “Scream: The TV Series?” Well, just because something seems easy doesn’t mean that is always the case. Last week Mr. Branson was arrested by authorities after being caught canoodling with Brooke. To make matters worse, Brooke was attacked, just as Mr. Branson vanished.

While the authorities suspected the killer had been nabbed, Emma was unable to let go of that uneasy feeling that the killer was still on the loose. The episode opened with a mysterious figure dressed in all black breaking into a safe inside the police department to obtain evidence related to the Lakewood murders, including stealing that infamous mask.

Seth found himself being questioned by authorities about the murder weapon found in his classroom. It’s Halloween, which means I’m certain a body will pop up by the end of the episode. Emma attempted to get clarification from Brooke about their current predicament. Sheriff Clark was confident that the killer had been caught and made plans to hold the town’s annual dance as a fundraiser. Brooke got comfy at Jake’s abode and the two flirted.

Maggie alerted Emma that she ran a paternity test on Seth and herself to determine if it’s possible Seth is her son. Emma chose to confront Seth to see if he is actually the killer. Mr. Branson seemed aloof to what has transpired. He refused to talk about his past, which means he’s a red herring. While prepping for her shower, Brooke discovered the spy cam on her laptop suddenly turned on.

Emma revealed to Audrey and Noah that her mother had a secret child with Brandon James. Once again Piper had another run-in with Emma where she revealed that she tracked down Cassi James, Brandon James’ mother. Emma met with Cassi and revealed that her mother was close friends with Brandon. She revealed that Brandon was loyal to Maggie and she revealed that Brandon had a son who visited her recently, that son was ‘Seth.’

From a distance, Kieran spied on Emma conversing with Piper. Hmm, could he be the secret son that no one knows about. Just like that, Emma and Kieran are back together, that can’t be a coincidence. Audrey disclosed to Noah that Rachel’s video files had been deleted, but the cloud secretly kept everything she captured on video. Oh the cloud, it can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Brooke confronted Jake about watching her while she got undressed. Their tiff led to Brooke storming out. Sheriff Clark became suspicious that it’s very possible that Mr. Branson is not their guy.

Once again a character does a stupid thing by showing up to an empty residence and entering a home without being invited. Sheriff Clark found a laptop in the home with video footage on it, just as more strange sounds erupted from the home, and the killer emerged knocking him out cold with a poker. Things don’t look good for the town’s top cop. Brooke called Emma to invite her to an after-party that she was planning to host. Noah and Audrey discovered from Rachel’s footage Nina hooking up with Kieran! Now that is a surprise. Jake using his cameras on his phone became concerned about Brooke’s whereabouts. Maggie and Emma both discovered that Sheriff Clark and Kieran are both MIA. We know why Clark is missing, but what about Kieran?

At the big dance, Noah and Audrey debated whether they should disclose details about Kieran’s connection with Nina. He later showed up to the shindig, where Maggie questioned him about his father’s whereabouts. Audrey revealed to Emma what she learned about Kieran and showed her video footage. Emma divulged to Kieran that he was caught on tape with Nina at a bar. A flashback revealed the two conversed and he drove her home. Hmm, why keep that a secret if nothing transpired. Audrey and Emma had another tiff about the possibility that Kieran is a killer. Piper showed up to the dance and revealed to Emma that Seth didn’t see Cassi, it was Kieran. The power went out at the dance, just as video footage emerged on the screen of Sheriff Clark bleeding. Hate to say this, but he sure looks like a goner.

The episode concluded with Seth Branson breaking out of prison amidst a bloodbath at the police department. Ugh, I can’t wait till next week’s finale when we discover who the killer is. Right now my gut tells me Piper is the guilty party, so if it’s anyone else, I will be thoroughly surprised. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lovers!