HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended with an epic cliffhanger as Dianna Whinchil dropped a bomb on the residents of Savannah and Jim Cryer by revealing his secret children via Celine on live television.

Yeah, to say Jim, Maggie, Katheryn and David were caught off guard is a huge understatement. The latest episode ‘Dianna Whinchil’ picked up precisely where last week left off, with plenty of surprises galore for fans of the series. The audience already new about Jim’s other son Carlos, but we learned he had another child, Jimmy. Veronica had a gleeful smile on her face seeing her foe caught in a scandalous situation.

Jim was none too happy to see himself being grilled by the press, and to see the camera pan to Katheryn made the hairs on my skin crawl. Silence is indeed golden. Carlos unleashed a bit of emotion about not meeting his other siblings, and it threw a major thorn in his campaign for governor. Maggie took matters into her own hands to end the interview by dropping coffee on the equipment. She unleashed a wrath of hell that hasn’t been seen before.

Maggie called out Veronica on her secret trysts, which prompted Veronica to reveal to Katheryn that she caught her hubby and Maggie in bed together. “This is the b***h that is acting like a dog,” quipped Jim to Veronica. Indeed a wicked line to say the least. She pushed Jim’s buttons and revealed that she was behind Wyatt’s attack in prison. She confessed to her devious behavior leading to a brawl between friends, as David and Jim went toe-to-toe. That was the most stunning scene in the series’ history to date.

Quincy’s sister did her best to convince her brother to get vengeance on Benny and Hanna for taking Quincy Jr., just as the police showed up to the door. She lied through her teeth about taking care of the child. This woman is wicked to the core, and I see an unexpected death in the near future for Quincy and his sister. Jeffrey received a knock at his hotel door from Landon, just as he sat watching Wyatt sleep. Landon attempted to patch things up with Jeffrey who seemed the least interested, and confessed his feelings to a degree, but things were interrupted by Veronica.

She questioned him about Melissa, and Landon and his mother got into a tiff and the Ice Queen traded spars. Jeffrey didn’t back down from his mother this time. When Landon learned that Melissa was pregnant with Jeffrey’s child, he was stunned. To see Jeffrey call his mother out on her actions was a moment to root for. To piss his mother off, he kissed Landon right in front of her, which left Veronica speechless. Classic moment!

Candace gave the social worker a tour of her home, and still had questions risen about the safety of her child. She was taken for a loop when she discovered that her credentials for her job have not been verified and she found herself in a sticky situation, especially when she got called out for being an escort. Oscar jumped to the plate, to rescue Candace and prove that she is more than capable of taking care of her son. Both begin to question each other’s level of trustworthiness. Hmm, I have a feeling that Candace will find herself being duped by her new flame.

The relationship between Candace and Oscar has many questioning rather Oscar can be trusted.
The relationship between Candace and Oscar has many questioning rather Oscar can be trusted.

Benny took Hanna to his tow yard, where she began questioning his partner, and he was able to divert the situation. He delivered another surprise to his mother when he took her to his new home. She was beyond skeptical of his new fortress. I couldn’t believe how easily Benny was able to lie to his mother about how he acquired the new home, and Hanna as usual, did not buy what she was being sold. He asked his mother to move into his new digs, but her gut told her something was fishy. He raised a good point about Quincy looking for them at her old home, and by the power of grace, Benny was able to convince his mother to stay.

It was a moment to see Hanna so emotional and happy for a change. Candace and Oscar got closer in the midst of his heroic act, which prompted her to question his loyalty. Benny and Hanna’s happy moment turned into an argument, when he raised concerns that Quincy Jr. should be with his mother. Hanna dropped another bomb on her son when he discovered that Candace’s job couldn’t be confirmed. Uh-oh, Benny might not be too happy with his sister when he confronts her.

Back at the campaign office, Maggie chose to drop a bomb on Jim by asking him to cease his decision to run for governor. He agreed, which led to a discussion between David and Jim, where friends will become enemies. David made threats, but is he capable of tackling Jim the all-mighty? Jim made a phone call asking that a ‘bloodbath’ be taken care of involving an officer, a professor and Veronica Harrington, who he wants all dead!

Jeez, next week’s episode looks thrilling as Quincy unleashes war to get his son back. Until next Tuesday “Have and Have Nots” die-hards!