HOLLYWOOD—After last week, I wondered if Tyler Perry could amp up the level of drama with characters on “The Haves and the Have Nots,” and I must say I was not disappointed. This week’s episode ‘Unexpected Visitors’ saw the confrontation fans have been waiting for between David Harrington and Benny Young; yes people all of the families are fighting amongst themselves.

Well maybe I was wrong, because it became apparent that Candace and Erica were right about the social worker working with Oscar to keep her son from her. Wow, what a way to pull the wool over the audience. Back at the campaign office David received a visit from Oscar who informed his employer that Maggie Day hired PIs to investigate Veronica. The picture is worth a thousand words, and David now knows that Benny is the man sleeping with his wife.

Katheryn and David had a conversation about making moves to get their spouses out of the big house, and she confronted her pal about not helping his wife in her time of need and she dosed a bit of reality. Oh yeah, I forgot if Katheryn learns what Veronica did to Wyatt all hell will break loose. Maggie interrupted a conversation and got a taste of medicine that she didn’t’ expect. Jennifer Sallison was determined to ensure the funds for Wyatt were released. This woman is about to create an enemy she never expected.

Erica and Candace had a heart-to-heart talk and discovered that Professor Canon was murdered; finally Candace is starting to realize that dirty deeds have a way of catching up with you. If Erica is scared of Warlock, then Candace should be shaking in her boots. The big sister became concerned about her brother’s temper, especially if she told him the harsh truth about Warlock threatening her life. Katheryn updated Jim and Veronica about their current predicament, and Jim continued to take jabs at his enemy when she was down and Mrs. Cryer informed her pal that David is not standing in her corner.

Wyatt paid a visit to Jennifer and learned that his mother has been released and that he is getting his inheritance. Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna and David had a conversation about the latest predicament involving Wyatt and she took small jabs at the patriarch about his involvement in her son’s hit-and-run.

Mama Young was none too pleased to see why he was asking her about her son Benny. Hanna kept mum on the situation, just as David did regarding Wyatt’s situation. She made it crystal clear that if he made a threat towards her son she would damn sure protect him at all cost. Go Hanna, seeing you unleash your wrath was worth every second.

David gave Oscar a call to cause problems with Benny’s business. Damn, David is just as bad as Jim Cryer if not worse. Wyatt celebrated with glee with his newfound riches. Looks like Wyatt is falling into bad habits yet again and I fear an overdose could be in the near future. Jim and Veronica had their bail hearing, and it was apparent that Jim was not getting bail.

Veronica was next up to the plate and did the attorney have plenty of tricks up her sleeve, that Jennifer Sallison did not expect, and Veronica received bail. Damn, Veronica you one bad *** attorney. Benny arrived at the tow yard and was not happy to see that business had slowed down, and he put two-and-two together to realize that David Harrington pulled strings to impact money.

Landon received a call from Candace who wanted to schedule a meeting, and he was enforced to tell Maggie, “I told you so.” Their conversation was interrupted by Benny who was none too pleased to discover Mr. Harrington toying with his company. The confrontation got tense immediately and the too got into a scuffle and the conversation was halted when David learned Veronica made bail.

Looks like death is imminent for a fan favorite in the near future! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ my “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!