HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe what transpired this week on “Pretty Little Liars?” Yep, that’s right Ella and Byron tied the knot in the episode ‘We’ve All Got Baggage.’ Let’s rewind a bit, the episode opened with Alison, Emily and Hanna showing up at Sara’s room to show their pal the hidden pathway. There is one slight problem; the hole in the wall was covered up. Now that is no coincidence, just as the housekeeper, seemed to be someone who enjoys wearing masks!

Spencer and Caleb rejoiced over being able to hide specifics about her mother’s health report. Emily interrupted a happy moment, and learned that Melissa could be a suspect in Charlotte’s murder? Per usual, Spence got defensive, open your eyes Spencer, your sister is not all sweet and nice. Hanna got to utilize her fashion skills to help Ella pick out her wedding dress, which raised questions about her own impending wedding.

Emily became acquainted with Damien, the same guy Spencer went to battle with. Yeah, Melissa is back in town and the drama ensues. Spencer decided to address her mother’s health crisis and it fueled unexpected emotions from mother and daughter. Tears falling from my eyes right now. Alison finally received a text from the enemy asking rather Elliott knew the details on why Charlotte fled the house that fateful night.

Aria felt taken aback when she learned that Mike was not happy that his parents are planning to walk down the aisle again. Per usual, Spencer got caught in another lie. Aria had to face the music with Ezra about being his ghost writer. Questions rose yet again about the relationship between Spencer, Hanna and Caleb, just as Ali confessed to Elliott that she told Charlotte about their blossoming relationship.

Hanna and Emily were not happy to realize that the threat is imminent as the thought of her eggs being used against her became a reality for Emily. A flashback with Hanna showed a tense moment involving Melissa who happened to be at fashion week in Paris, and was quite busy getting drunk. Melissa was none too pleased that Charlotte was sharing information with Wren.

Melissa went off the rails and decided to call Charlotte and in a rage Hanna shattered her phone. Hanna alerted Emily that Damien was a reporter and looks like the tables were about to be turned on the enemy? The old boyfriend meets the new boyfriend, as Ezra and Liam came face-to-face, hmm, awkward. It was happy news all around, as Alison received a marriage proposal from Elliott.

Melissa broke the news to Spencer that Yvonne had an abortion back in high school and the finger for the leak had been pointed at the Hastings camp. When Spencer poked at Melissa, big sis sure poked back. Talk about sibling rivalry. Emily went on a mission to locate the diner where Charlotte received that mysterious phone call from. Emily soon found herself in immediate danger as a mystery party in a four-wheeler was determined to run her down at any cost, including destroying her phone in the process. Emily climbed onto the roof and discovered what looks like the murder weapon.

Veronica confronted Spencer with the news that the IP address for the leak was tracked back to her daughter’s computer, which prompted Caleb to confess to a crime he did not commit. To make matters worse Veronica ordered him to resign from the campaign and to move out of the barn. If that wasn’t enough pressure, Emily realized the new villain was after the murder weapon she discovered and a risky mistake put the liar in grave danger. Darn it Emily, you were so close to giving the ladies an edge on the enemy.

Aria and Liam had a conversation about the status of their relationship, Hanna set a wedding date, and Spencer and Caleb was forced to bid adieu. Looks like our nemesis is not afraid to break hearts literally! Emily confessed to Hanna that she was attacked by someone, who wanted to murder her. Big clue, we have two people after the liars. That’s a MAJOR CLUE PEOPLE! Aria received a knock on the door from Alison and Elliott who asked her bestie to marry her right now.

The final moments of the episode saw our villainous fiend sharing a piece of cake, which means they were in attendance at Byron and Ella’s wedding. Perhaps another watch of the episode will provide a closer look at possible suspect(s)? For an episode titled, ‘We’ve All Got Baggage,’ it seemed to more pinpoint secrets coming to light. Things are definitely pushing the envelope to a season finale that is certain to shock fans. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!