HOLLYWOOD—The battle lines were drawn last week between the Cryer clan and the Harrington family. Friends are now becoming foes and before the season ends, I can see a main player biting the dust on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode ‘Vetted’ saw the drama intensify to new proportions as Quincy was out for vengeance against anyone looking to take his son from him.

Benny and Hanna were slowly becoming accustomed to their new digs. Hanna was still skeptical about the new home Benny acquired, and his mind was in other places. The discussion about Veronica and Benny became a subject that Hanna poked at, and she learned that Mrs. Harrington has been pawning after her child. Benny spoke for every man in America about how difficult it is to resist temptation. Mother and son went from a happy moment to bickering.

Katheryn went into panic mode when she discovered Wyatt wasn’t in his bedroom, which prompted a discussion between husband and wife. Jim was none too pleased to discuss Celine and her antics. Katheryn was persistent about getting specifics about Veronica’s latest move; how in the hell can’t this woman see what her BFF has done? Jim gave hints, which only further fueled Katheryn’s desire to learn the truth, and a plan was put into motion.

Back at The Sarandon Hotel, Jeffrey did his best to assist Wyatt in his time of need. Jeffrey called out Wyatt on his homophobia and his mistreatment of him as a friend. He admitted to Wyatt that he secretly loves him, and demanded respect from Wyatt that initiated a fury in Jeffrey that hasn’t been seen before. Wow! In a defining moment, Wyatt admitted that he was raped while in jail.

Hanna is doing everything in her power to ensure her grandson is safe.
Hanna is doing everything in her power to ensure her grandson is safe.

Candace and Oscar continued their dalliance, as her suspicions were raised when he rushed to get back to New York to take care of business. Hmm, seems like the truth about Oscar and his motivations are about to come to light. Benny was not pleased to learn his mother left his car at the house, and took the bus. While Hanna was at the hospital getting an update on her grandson, Quincy in a rage drove his vehicle through her home. It resulted in an explosion that literally destroyed the home Hanna worked her entire life for. Jim was quite transparent with throwing in the towel in his race for the governor’s seat as Maggie seemed ambivalent to his calm attitude.

When he revealed that he was sexually driven, it rubbed Maggie the wrong way who darted out of the office. Hanna met with the social worker, just as Benny contacted her to receive an update on his nephew and his sister’s workplace. I can’t believe everyone is putting this woman in a tight spot; first Hanna, than Candace and now Benny. Once his brain gets working, he can’t stop. Aaliyah confronted Hanna about disclosing confidential information she shared with her, before Hanna left for work. Benny decided to visit the law firm where Candace claimed she worked and was stunned that he had been duped.

Celine was not pleased when Jim stopped by her home to confront her on her antics. Jim had a bit of fun of taunting Celine about her behavior and her desire to fall in ‘love.’ Jim placed the nail in the coffin regarding his relationship with his former maid. Yep, things are officially dunzo. Hanna interrupted her boss’s workout, which led to a discussion about Celine and her actions. Their conversation soon shifted when Veronica arrived at the abode. Round 2 involving Veronica and Hanna fueled plenty of wicked one-liners. “I’m looking at something that needs to be dusted,” quipped Hanna to Veronica.

It was astounding to hear Hanna suspect that Veronica paid for her son’s house and tow yard. Veronica then attempted to go ghetto to poke at Hanna’s emotions; the two ladies traded more spars before the devout Christian walked away. Back at the hospital, things became intense when Aaliyah came face-to-face with Quincy, who wanted to take his son home and made threats, before taking off with some paperwork. I’m suspecting that paperwork disclosed the location of where Candace lives. It was so traumatic to see little Quincy Jr. terrified of his father.

Hanna was left speechless when she learned her house was on fire, which left Katheryn shocked, but Veronica amused. Back at the campaign office, Maggie pitched to David that he should run for governor. Maggie has no idea of the skeletons that are hiding in David’s closet. The final moments of the episode saw Hanna in complete disarray after seeing her home destroyed. With only 2 episodes left before the climatic season three finale, next week is the penultimate episode that is certain to set the stage for plenty of surprises. Until next Tuesday “Have and Have Nots” die-hards!