HOLLYWOOD—The first half of season four of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on one hell of a climatic note as Veronica set the stage for Maggie Day to take a bullet that was intended for her. Well, the series returned on Tuesday to kick in gear the second half of season four picking up precisely where it left off with ‘My Friend Maggie,’ as Veronica was full of glee knowing that Maggie took a bullet that was intended for her.

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that Maggie is dead, because she took multiple bullets to the chest. Got damn you Veronica, you are one cold-hearted bitch. Veronica you will indeed reap what you sew, and I can’t wait to see that moment unfold because when Katheryn finds out what happened to Wyatt in prison all hell is going to break loose.

Candace and Jeffrey went crazy trying to figure out how Veronica learned about their dirty deed. Candace was stunned when Jeffrey revealed that Veronica and Benny have been sleeping together, and he alerted her that he had proof of the deed. Candace was in disbelief about the accusations that Jeffrey made, and the two devised a plan for Jeffrey to seek out information from his mother. Jeffrey emotionally snapped, as it became clear to him the only way to free himself from his mother is to kill her before she can kill him.

Back at the Sarandon Hotel, authorities suspected that Wyatt overdosed and called for the police. Is Wyatt really dead? Oh, jeez, if this is true Katheryn will be devastated and out for blood, and I mean blood. Candace got a call from the bank alerting her that her loan request has been approved, as a rising lawyer she better read the fine print. Jim seemed a bit happy with his latest plan.

Benny sat with his mother at the bus stop to discuss the latest drama involving the Young family. Hanna did her best to talk some sense into her son to prevent him from suing the Cryer family. Hanna is delivering some words of caution because the Cryer family has been delivered one fatal blow after another. He agreed to not sue, but only if his mother moved into his home. She begged Benny to ask Candace to allow him to raise Quincy Jr.

Back at Veronica’s residence, David arrived and was rattled as he assumed Veronica was murdered, too bad he didn’t know it was Maggie. Wonder how he’ll react when he learns that Veronica was responsible for having Maggie murdered. Benny’s partner, Mitch got busy in the back of a tow truck, just a Warlock pulled up to meet Candace. Warlock was losing his temper and it became apparent Candace was unnerved to the core, and some serious threats were made. Mitch witnessed Warlock sexually assault Candace, wow, that was a new low, and I fear another death is about to happen on “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

Jeffrey was not pleased to have a drink spilled on him while at the bar; he realized he was talking to the judge on his parent’s case. To make matters worse, it looks like Officer Justin is married to that judge. That is a twist people, and looks like the one thing Jeffrey needed to get leverage on his mother; he’s resorting to blackmail people. To outwit a fox, you have to think like a fox! Benny showed up at Candace’s place, where she was well aware that Mitch witnessed what happened to her. She raised the question to Benny who wasn’t aware.

Benny decided to play 20 questions, and Candace fessed up to the truth, giving her brother proof of what Jim was doing behind closed doors. Harsh words Benny to your own sister. Candace refused to give up her son to Benny and when she brought up the fact that Benny was sleeping with Veronica and he was coy to answer. When the tables turned, Benny vacated quickly. Officer Justin was livid to learn Jeffrey was chatting with his wife, and the games started as Jeffrey got back into Officer Justin’s psyche.

Jeffrey can indeed be just as wicked as his mother, as he pushed every button in the book to rattle the authority figure. The final moments of the episode saw David bribe his way into the cell of former pal Jim Cryer. The two got into an epic brawl, as David suspected Jim being responsible of Veronica’s murder. Oh, goody, I cannot wait until next week. The best guilty pleasure of the summer continues to weave shockers. Until next Temptation Tuesday “HAHN” lovers!