HOLLYWOOD—The summer guilty pleasure is back in full force people. Yep, the Free Form hit, “Pretty Little Liars” is back for season 7 after that wild turn of events in season 6 that unveiled the long awaited twin twist involving Jessica DiLaurentis and her sister Mary Drake. Oh, did I forget to mention we still have no IDEA who Uber A is, but they were indeed dragging Hanna’s body in the church tower. The season 7 premiere, ‘Tick-Tock, Bitches’ saw the liars in a flurry of chaos in their attempt to rescue Hanna from the enemy before time ran out.

The episode opened with Spencer, Aria and Emily in tears as they were forced to dig up a grave for someone, as a mistake led to murder. Of course, viewers will have to wait for the big reveal, because we go back 4 days earlier, as Mona, Toby, Caleb, Spencer, Emily, Ezra and Aria spotted Mary Drake enter the Rosewood Police Department. Toby learned she is Jessica’s sister, just as the group received a text alerting them of Hanna’s situation. The crew arrived to the bell tower where they saw a lifeless Hanna hanging from the bell. Sure looked like she was dead, but it was a doll, and A.D. made it clear they had 24 hours to give them Charlotte’s real killer or else.

Hmm, this Mary Drake is one smart cookie, filing a police report of a break-in at her newly acquainted property, The Lost Woods Resort. The entire gang deciphered that Mary is working with someone, but the bigger question is that motive? Who is Uber A people? Hanna was being held captive at a dilapidated barn house. When the question rose of who killed Charlotte, it appears everyone suspected Alison, Spencer and Mona as possible targets. Oh jeez, another flashback from the night of Charlotte’s murder made Aria question that sighting of Charlotte; she now suspected that it might have actually been Alison.

The enemy is not messing around, as they taunted the crew with a picture of a very worried Hanna. Caleb and Mona followed Mary, while Spencer and Toby broke into the motel. Emily paid Ali a visit at the sanitarium and was surprised to have a run-in with Elliott who seemed defensive that the dots are being connected. Toby and Spencer discovered a ton of German books and the fact that Mary traveled to Philadelphia before Charlotte’s death. Aria and Ezra broke into Ali’s house to search for evidence, but Elliott arrived which forced the duo to seek shelter, just as they spotted him retrieving a key to that locked chest (full of what looked like a black hoodie) and some nifty medical supplies.

Spencer got the cold shoulder from Caleb who is more concerned about Hanna. Caleb and Mona discovered that Mary is buying supplies to cover up a murder. Wow, Hanna is being tortured as she was dosed with water and shocked repeatedly by the enemy.

Mary decided to confront Spencer to warn her that she is well aware of what she is up to. Hmm, does Peter know Mary; I’m starting to think he does PLL fans! Emily asked a drugged Ali if she was responsible for killing her sister. Mary weaved a tale to Spencer about her past life, just as the smartest liar questioned her sudden return to Rosewood. Tick for tact, I love how these two ladies are going toe-to-toe with questions and the fact that they are onto one another. Back at the Lost Woods Resort, Caleb and Mona bickered as they watched Mary’s every move, and listened to a conversation Mary had with a man, with a British accent (um its Elliott), and a bar near Hollis. Aria ventured into that bar looking for the culprit, but ran into a dead end.

Hanna awoke from what may or may not have been a dream where she saw Spencer, who was encouraging her to fight to survive. Hanna questioned the intelligence of this new “A.” Are the writers giving us a clue that Spencer could have a secret sibling smarter than her? Emily decided to give another look inside Ali’s home and spotted Elliott suffering from a nightmare, before sneaking into Ali’s room to snoop around and discovered that red coat in a box (looks like Elliott is setting his wife up).

Hanna decided to fight to locate a way out of captivity. Spencer divulged all the details about Mary’s sordid past, just as Emily delivered evidence that her pal might have killed her own sister. Caleb showed up to the Lost Woods Resort with evidence of Ali’s guilt, just as Hanna’s tormentor searched for her, but couldn’t find her. Go Hanna, she ran like crazy for her freedom, but was stunned to come face-to-face with Mary Drake, just as “A” picked up that ‘Red Coat’ Caleb dropped off.

The final moments of the episode saw Elliott pay Ali a visit to administer another shot of medicine that would further drive her insanity, as he whispered he was aware she killed Charlotte. Hmm, not so certain I buy that people. Ok, the writers have teased us big time; cause I’m DYING to know who the person Spencer, Aria and Emily were burying at the beginning of the episode. All we know is that it was a female, start speculating people. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!