HOLLYWOOD—Wow, wow, wow, wow, is the best way to describe the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” ‘A Front Row Seat’ saw Candace step up her game to garner those life-and-death funds that her former pal Warlock is desperately seeking. Maggie continued to show her desperation for David, who once again refused to realize that his wife Veronica is NOT a good person. Maggie said a bit too much, which became clear to David that she knew all about Veronica’s dalliance and he had her tailed.

Back in prison, Katheryn, Jim and Veronica continued to buy the time as patience between the friends grew thin. Jim and Veronica took jabs at their sons, just as the Ice Queen discovered that Jeffrey was indeed planning to testify against her. Katheryn was relieved to discover that she was being released, which left Veronica and Jim to trade even more spars. When she revealed that David was running for governor, it caught the patriarch off guard slightly. The two bickered back and forth about who was evil and their one-way tickets straight to hell.

Katheryn went on a warpath about those who she helped in the past are not willing to assist. She learned David did not want Veronica released from jail. The matriarch pulled all the strings she could to get results she wanted. Candace received a visit from an old pal, Erica, who she used to help her brother. Yet again, Candy uses her friends to get what she wants. She speculated Jim helped Oscar, but her pal didn’t seem so sure, which cast suspicion on Landon, but no, it’s not him Candace, which made our vixen question who she trusts.

The ladies decided to set their sights on the social worker, who has no idea what Oscar was up to at all. Quita and her pal arrived near Candace’s new abode and were quickly spotted by the nosy neighbor across the street, who quickly called the police. David made a stop at the tow yard to speak to Mitch and asked plenty of questions, but didn’t get any of the answers he was seeking. Benny was unnerved to learn that David could be onto the fact that he is sleeping with his wife. David made threats, and so did Benny, who did not back down.

District Attorney Jennifer Sallison pushed Veronica’s buttons by alerting her that David is sleeping with Maggie Day. She also taunted Jim, but refused to reveal to them precisely what her plans were. Back at the Cryer residence, Hanna prepared for work, but stumbled upon a naked girl and Wyatt and she threw water on him. He taunted Hanna about her stupid manners and not realizing what has been in front of her all along.

Hanna went on her biblical scripture telling Wyatt that the sins from his past will indeed come to light. He revealed he was the one who placed her son into a coma, and killed little Lizzy. Hanna had always suspected this, but to finally get confirmation left her reeling. For once, Wyatt appeared visibly frightened about what would transpire next.

Candace summoned the social worker to her home and discovered that her mother was awarded full custody. Erica and Candace taunted the social worker with threats, not aware that she was putting herself in a stupid situation, and she slapped the social worker. Oh Candace, you just made a vital mistake and will NEVER get custody of your son back, and Candace started to strangle her. She alerted that Katheryn pulled strings with the judge to award custody of her son to her mother. These two ladies are so stupid, she doesn’t know anything about Oscar’s dirty dealings and they viciously beat up the social worker to no success.

Now Candace has done plenty of questionable things, but this is just downright pathetic. Next week’s episode looks fiery good, can you imagine the confrontation between Benny and David, it looks to be epic. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ my “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!