HOLLYWOOD—Oh yes, “Pretty Little Liars” fans things have taken an interesting turn in the latest episode ‘Where Somebody Waits For Me.’ The episode opened with Hanna and Jordan sharing a bit of loving in a uniquely designed suite. Aria and Spencer discovered in Charlotte’s secret room the torture game that she utilized against them in the dollhouse. The two friends continued to explore and moving down a tunnel that ended with a file cabinet, but not so fast. Behind that cabinet, was another pathway to the outside world. This explains quite a bit about “A’s” ability to secretly move from inside Radley.

Caleb alerted Spencer that the game of politics is quite dirty to say the least, not to mention that Mrs. Hastings is suffering from possible breast cancer. Lt. Tanner is back in the mix and alerted Alison that Charlotte put up a fight, but was struck by an object that left a mark in her neck. The mystery thickens because Charlotte spoke to someone from a secret restaurant which Ali was not aware of.

Aria a bit surprised to see Liam in the flesh in Rosewood, which raised her concerns, especially because it involved Ezra Fitz. Emily did not suspect it was a coincidence that the clinic had a mishap where her eggs were destroyed, hmm, sounds like our new fiend at work. Hanna realized that “A” was back to their new tricks and she was ready to head back to Rosewood. Spencer and Emily discussed with Ali the new threats that have emerged.

Ali informed the ladies that the murder weapon was not a golf club, and The Two Crows restaurant emerged as a pivotal clue. The liars are finally using their brains, pinpoint who may have wanted “A” dead to protect them and they discover the identity of the new threat.

Spencer and Mona had a conversation about duplicity, and it became apparent Mona was secretly trying to help her new pal. Just when you suspect Mona has crossed over to the dark side, she delivers a glimmer of hope. A tiff emerged in Hanna and Jordan’s relationship, where my suspicions peaked! Liam questioned Aria about writing Ezra’s newest book, and Spencer became an emotional wreck about her mom revealing that she is ill to the public.

Hanna and Caleb chatted over drinks, and she made it clear that this new threat is playing a game way riskier than in the past. Looks like the sparks could be back for Haleb? Mona had a tense confrontation with Caleb about the latest incident that rose involving Spencer’s mother. Threats were made, but it doesn’t look like Mona was unnerved. Ali and Spencer had a chat about Dr. Rollins and his ability to save Charlotte. She admitted to her pal that she has developed feelings for Elliott.

Spencer was finally able to have a conversation with her mother, but steered clear of discussing the health crisis. Ali confessed to Elliott about sharing their little secret. Hanna and Aria snuck back into the secret trail, but were stunned to come face-to-face with Emily. The liars started to question just where Sara was hiding out. Aria was surprised to see Ezra swoop back into town and a confrontation that had been building up took place. He confessed to Aria that his parents didn’t want him to tell her that they might be getting back together.

He noted that he was in Albany secretly working on his new book; little does he know that Aria has been secretly working on his ‘book.’ Spencer was stunned to realize that Melissa’s suitcase is broken. To make matters worse, it looks like the murder weapon may have come from Melissa’s suitcase! Really, could the big sis have taken action once again to protect her little sister from danger?

The final moments saw our new enemy tiding up things utilized by Charlotte in her secret lair. Looks like they are really ready to torture the liars to get what he or she wants? Can’t wait till next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!