UNITED STATES—We all know that higher education is important, but how far is one willing to go to obtain that education without the guarantee that a job will be waiting after all the studying, test and socialization has ended? I will be the first to pinpoint that going beyond high school in the educational realm is important. Why?

Well a college degree is needed to land a reasonable paying job in today’s economy. Yes, I’m pinpointing that because, it has become evident that even with a college degree, and many Americans are still working jobs that barely pay beyond the minimum wage or worse a livable wage. Many politicians have raised the question that the opportunity to attend college should be free. To be frank, I agree. I don’t like the idea of some being ousted from the opportunity to attend college because they can’t afford it.

To make matters worse, who wants to put themselves in thousands of dollars in debt to pay for school, without the smallest amount of a certainty that a job might be waiting when you cross the stage. Am I saying those who don’t go to college have a disadvantage over others? No, but I think the ‘experience’ is something that lives with you forever. The friendships, the memories, the knowledge, the life experiences you garner are unforgettable; you can become shaped into a better person from seeking out that higher education because YOU ARE placed in control of what transpires. Yes, rather you succeed or fail is in your hands. I’ve recently been grappling with the decision of rather to pursue my Master’s Degree in English.

I’ve considered the possibility in the past, but I was more focused on earning a degree in the film arena, but the school that I wanted to attend is out of state and the cost of tuition nearly triples. Do I seriously want to put myself into a situation where I’m in debt the rest of my life, does that degree give me the extra boost at landing or pursuing that dream job? These are all questions that come to the forefront. Money, relocation, employment and so many other things not only have to mesh, but have to be sacrificed with the pursuit of higher education.

I recalled when I attended college the cost of a 3-4 credit class was about $600-$700. Nowadays, the cost has bloomed to $1500-$2000 for one class. That is just the class that has no bearing on all the other miscellaneous charges that are also tacked on for those who choose to pursue such an education. I mean why can’t there be a clear cap for tuition prices each semester or quarter. Why is there the constant fluctuation of prices, and to make things worse, you still have to purchase books and supplies along the way.

Are most universities even aware of the skyrocketing costs they push off to students, do they even care? I mean going to college seems more like a business more than anything. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ I know so many friends including myself who are on the verge of gouging out their eyeballs with the thought of this massive debt that still looms over them.

If that dark cloud you wish would vanish, but it refuses to do so. We’re so focus on paying off that debt so it no longer looms, things like buying a house, a new car are pushed to the backburner for an education. I have always wondered if universities would consider some sort of promise to students; if they’re unable to find a job within the first 1 year after graduating they earn a percentage of the tuition they paid back.

I mean I don’t like hearing that some politicians get their student loans forgiven because they’re an elected member of Congress. I mean what? What about the rest of us who aren’t members of Congress or some political arena. What makes them better or more equipped to get a pass, but everyone else, is **** out of luck?

We tell our kids day in and day out just how imperative it is to get an education, but as a society, as a government we have to raise the question. Are we doing all in our power to ensure that education is obtainable for all parties? Is the economy doing more to ensure reasonable employment for qualified candidates are available? Education is the blueprint for success in many people’s perception; however, we forget that the drive to motivate and succeed is just as important.

What you put into your education is what you get out, remember that. Don’t sacrifice for something because it’s what someone ‘else’ wants for you. Be sure when you aim for something in the educational realm, it’s something ‘you’ want first and foremost.