MALIBU—A hiking spot that is frequented by many Southern California residents, as well as tourists, has been closed after California State Parks officials said that graffiti within the famous cave is out of control.

The hiking destination known as the Jim Morrison Cave is located deep in the mountains of Malibu Creek State Park and is officially called the Corral Canyon Cave. The nickname was dubbed in honor of the Doors’ frontman, even though he had never actually been to the cave.

Graffiti has become a growing problem in rural areas, and Craig Sap, the District Superintendent for State Parks, attested to the problem.

“Typically, people will be arrested, cited and booked,” Sap told ABC7. “The restitution is very substantial. It can be up to several to $10,000 per incident.”

According to park rangers, social media outlets have played a large role in the vandalism. Posts and videos of the cave graffiti have inspired others to leave their mark behind. Park representatives have not disclosed when the cave will re-open to the public. The graffiti problem is a growing epidemic that now has vandals painting outside of the cave as well.

“Several hundred a week are heading up there. Most of them aren’t engaging in this activity – just a few. But those few have done substantial damage,” said Sap.

Signs have been placed throughout the park informing hikers of the caves recent closure. The state will spend upwards to $40,000 to scrub off all of the graffiti from the rock walls, hoping to return the cave to its natural beauty.