HOLLYWOOD—When you think of Beverly Hills, the first thing you think of is: beautiful mansions, beautiful people, shopping on Rodeo Drive and upscale restaurants. A unique, down-to-earth family has turned up in the Hills. Imagine my surprise when I tuned in to watch the new reality show “Hollywood Hillbillies, on January 21 on the Reelz Channel. The show features the life of a Georgia family who moves to Hollywood, with the show’s central character being Michael Kittrell, the star of a YouTube viral video titled “Gingers do have souls!!”

His video made him an overnight sensation, with his three minute clip in which he responds to an episode of “South Park” that mocked redheads. The show follows, Michael, his grandma “Mema,” and other family members as they move from Grayson, Georgia. to Hollywood, California to spend money they reportedly won on the Internet. It somewhat reminds me of the concept of the old sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies.”  In upcoming segments the girls are planning to do a lot of shopping, while Michael is expected to find love.

In the first episode titled “Headed for Hollywood,” Michael lands a manager so they head out to Hollywood. They stay in a big mansion and get driven in style in the managers blue Rolls Royce. They feel right at home, at a country restaurant with a mechanical bull. The second episode was titled “Michael’s First Audition,” where his manager lands him an audition for a ginger ale company, which he didn’t get cast. After they realize that in LA, you really need a car, the clan goes shopping at a used car dealership for the perfect car for the family. You can’t help, but compare them to the “Honey Boo Boo,” crowd. All in all, it’s entertaining, however, they don’t dress the part of the glamorous, glitzy Hollywood crowd.

Glitz, fashion and beauty were at the Los Angeles International Make-Up Artist Trade Show known as (IMATS). The sold-out event took place once again at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena on January 17-19. The event had an estimated 100 vendors including MAC with two days of presentations. The two-day extravaganza keeps on growing. The usual exhibitors were there from our dear friend Eve Pearl to Sigma Cosmetics. Missing from the vendors was Jessie’s Girl Cosmetics. The event had an IMATS shop, which sold merchandise from T-shirts to lipstick pens. The impressive Make-up Museum had a display of movie and TV creations, including molds and sculptures including Michael Jackson.

The popularity of beauty YouTube gurus now influence women with their opinions on products and purchase decisions. Sigma cosmetics had Camila who was meeting and greeting her YouTube fans along with Tiffany. Both of these young ladies are extremely beautiful and personable. One of the featured speakers was Kandee Johnson, who returned for her third year in a row. Kandee is a YouTube beauty diva sensation which has over 100 million views on her videos. The vibrant, young, mother of four, looks fantastic and loves to give beauty and advice tips to teens. Once again the event successfully resonated with an estimated 5,000 people for the weekend event. Michael Key, the show’s director and CEO of Makeup Artist magazine, excelled in making IMATS, Los Angeles, the makeup world’s biggest weekend.

Rose’s Scoop: “Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged,” will premiere on January 29.  Cyrus will kick off her 38-city tour in support of “Bangerz,” on February 14, Valentine’s Day, in Vancouver, British Columbia.