HOLLYWOOD —This week’s True Hollywood beauties include an independent film actress who has shot to stardom over the past few years in a very distinguished list of films by Henry Jaglom, a former soap star who proved she was her mother’s daughter by creating the internet web sensation “Family Dinner” and a lady who puts the word beautiful in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Three ladies I call friends: Tanna Frederick, who I share a scene with in her upcoming 2010 summer blockbuster “Queen of the Lot”; Lauralee Bell, whom I’ve known from childhood; and Hunter Tylo, who is one of the best actresses and most stunning beauties in the world.

Tanna Frederick’s beauty probably comes from her inner comfort level with herself. The flaming red-haired beauty can make fun of herself both on and off-screen. Tanna is chasing her dreams on a daily basis and recently finished the L.A. Marathon in record time. Tanna’s ability to put fire in every scene is one of her greatest attributes and she does have many. Recently touted as one of Hollywood’s sexiest bodies, she can be seen currently in “Irene In Time” by Henry Jaglom and Rainbow Films. Stardom for Tanna is equated with being beautiful inside and honing one’s craft as a thespian and taking herself less serious than she takes her vocation as an actress.

Lauralee Bell is someone I’ve known over three decades. The beautiful actress who was once the most popular woman on daytime television is the daughter of Bill and Lee Bell of the Bell family dynasty, which has created the number one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” and the most watched show on the planet “The Bold and the Beautiful.” After decades of making us laugh and cry on “Y&R” Lauralee chose to leave her role as Christine Blair and to focus on motherhood. Having the world’s classiest and most successful mother is the reason she now has returned to entertainment and is blowing away critics like Michael Logan and myself with her Internet series “Family Dinner,” which also stars my friend Phyllis Diller and Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman. Lauralee has the elegant beauty of Grace Kelly and the determined grit of Ida Lupino. Lauralee has proved you can have it all, beauty, talent, a talented and handsome husband, famed photographer Scott Martin and two adorable kids.

Hunter Tylo has handled any number of personal tragedies with her devout Christianity, though the character she’s become world-famous for is psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Hayes on CBS’s super-hit series “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Hunter, a mother, wife and actress never ceases to amaze her fans. With Loretta Young’s expressive eyes and strong cheekbones, Tylo has been named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful more than once and daytime viewers love to see her high drama scenes with leading men Ronn Moss, two-time Emmy-winner Rick Hearst and even a big cat fight in the CBS TV City koi pond with Katherine Kelly Lang. Hunter has one thing going for her, many of us envy. A producer and head writer like Bradley Bell, who constantly gives her scenes we’d all die to play.

This week our choices of Hollywood’s True Beauties include three women I know very well and hold in high esteem.