HOLLYWOOD—I will admit last week was a bit of a bore fest on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It did not seem like much transpired. This week that lackluster drama took a turn for the better. Why? Hope is grieving the loss of Beth in a major way. So much to the point she took off her wedding ring and was forcing Liam to reunite with Steffy so that they could be one big happy family with Phoebe and Kelly.

Liam fought against it, as did Steffy, but something stirred inside Ridge’s daughter that made her wonder how life could be with Liam back in her orbit. It seems now the one Spencer brother who doesn’t have much to do is Liam, while Wyatt Fuller is FINALLY get a storyline America! Why? A familiar face from his past arrived or better, yet, has been in Los Angeles for some time. That person is none other than Flo. Yes, Flo and Wyatt used to be lovers.

This makes for an interesting dynamic because Wyatt is with Sally. I never expected another love triangle, but this could be fun people. Sally doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to dealing with men, where she always seems to be the third wheel. First with Thomas, then with Liam and now with Wyatt, can it get any worse? The one thing the audience has no clue about is just how serious Flo and Wyatt’s relationship was when they were together.

They met in Las Vegas, their bond was obviously strong and to make matters intense, Wyatt was googly eyes and Flo was speechless to say the least. Flo and Wyatt sharing that kiss changes everything. I mean Sally is on cloud nine about her new fashion career, just as Wyatt is kissing other women behind her back. We know Sally has a fiery side that has been tamed, but now it appears that could very soon resurface in a major way.

I mean Flo is just a poke away from shattering into a million pieces. She nearly spilled all the dirty truth about Reese, herself and the baby swap after meeting Hope face-to-face. However, cue Zoe, who is proving to be just as wicked as her father, to pushback. I have no clue why I expected better from Zoe; I mean this is the same woman who came to town and threatened Emma and was stalking Xander.

Her goal is to save her father, little does she know, the secret is going to come out and when it explodes in her face, it is going to be massive. Not only could she possibly face jail time, but she could lose everything she has earned from Forrester Creations.  One minute she wants to throw the book at her father and Flo, now she is begging this woman to keep her mouth shut to protect her dad. Making the situation worse is Xander has no clue, and now Hope knows that Flo is Phoebe’s ‘mother.’

C’mon we know these two women are going to take and the more Hope shares her story about losing Beth, the more Flo will be drawn into her orbit. Good luck Zoe of keeping Flo quiet because with the new connection to Wyatt and now Hope everything changes.