HOLLYWOOD—This is the story that just keeps on delivering. This serial killer tale involving Ryan Chamberlain on “General Hospital” has been an epic guilty pleasure. I was certain the truth about Ryan would not be exposed until May sweeps, but it happened in March. Ryan was getting sloppy and I mean very sloppy. His first mistake was framing Franco for his crimes. That led to our reformed serial killer putting up a ruse to lure out the true killer and it worked with perfection.

Ryan stabbed Franco, and was ready to finish the job, when he was interrupted by an orderly; if you’re going to kill someone it might not be the best idea to do it in the public sphere. That interruption allowed Franco to get the upper hand and knock out Ryan and escape. Franco left Jordan a vital, voicemail which Chase and Curtis deciphered. Franco collapsed on the floor before letting Elizabeth know that Ryan Chamberlain is the killer. Seems everyone knows it, but jeez Detective Harrison Chase is an idiot. All the evidence is there, but he just doesn’t want to see it.

Back to the good stuff, Ryan totally spaced out asking Ava to marry him ASAP in Niagara Falls, which just happened to be the place Oscar, Josslyn, Cameron and Trina decided to take a road trip to. Chaos ensued America, as Jason went searching for Carly. That Carly, she just never knows how to leave things alone because her constantly poking forced Ryan to take action; he clocked her in the head with a crowbar, duct-taped her mouth and stashed her in the trunk of his car.

I thought that at first it was going to be Felicia who became a casualty, but she pegged something ‘Kevin’ stated which immediately caught his attention. She darted off when Ava arrived for her love affair, little does she know Carly is in the trunk and her worst nightmare is about to come to fruition: she’s sleeping with the man that killed her daughter. The real Kevin and Laura found an escape path in Ferncliff thanks to clues from a notable serial killer. Kevin refused to vacate as Laura went to seek help.

Jason concerned about Carly’s whereabouts went searching for his pal and stumbled upon the teens before meeting up with Laura. The newest mayor of Port Charles revealed that Kevin is actually Ryan, and Ava’s world was shocked on a bridge surrounded by water as Ryan cornered, did the unthinkable: he tossed Ava over the bridge.

We have to chat a bit about Sonny and Robert’s mission to locate Dante while in Istanbul. His whereabouts are still up in the air, and it seems that I don’t fully know where this story is headed, but I’m intrigued to find out more if possible. The same applies to the Shiloh, Kristina, Sam and Dawn of Day storyline. The viewers still don’t know exactly what secret Shiloh is keeping, but it better be a hell of a big one for all the secrecy that is being touted.  A major clue was revealed when Daisy decided to apologize to Sam and exposed a tattoo that immediately caught her attention, as the viewers learned it is something sinister linked to Shiloh.

On top of that, it seems Anna’s world is about to be turned upside down thanks to Dr. Cabot and her sister. Anna is certain now that some of her memories might actually be implanted memories courtesy of Alex. So it begs a larger question. What secrets are Alex keeping and why would she want her sister to maintain them and not her?