UNITED STATES—Casinos have realized that having quick payouts is the key to attracting new clientele while retaining their current players. As such, a fast payout casino player should understand why fast payouts are important and the methods for fast withdrawals. Depending upon where you decide to play in Canada, you may have the option of instant withdrawals. Here is what you need to know.

The importance of having fast payouts

Casino payouts are necessary to keep the reputation of that casino. Because of the competitiveness of the various establishments, the withhold time has been shortened. Some casinos in Canada even offer instantaneous payouts. These are the Guts Casino, Betsafe, Kizk, National Casino, Jackpot City, and Friday Casino.

There are three reasons having fast payouts is a necessity for casinos. First, the casino must have a simple marketing strategy to gain customers. As customers are more prone to visit casinos with quick payouts, it is critical that casinos have fast withdrawals. Second, the competition in the market mandates that there are quick withdrawals. The quicker the better. Some casinos offer withdrawals in minutes. Gone are the days of waiting. Third, casinos wish to keep their customers. Satisfaction is a cornerstone of any business, and therefore, giving customers their money is the most realistic way in which to keep customers happy.

A safer way to play

Apart from the main reasons for having fast payouts, there is the security measure to consider. By using electronic cards and digital transactions, the casino minimizes the risk of financial loss. Teller error, robbery, and chip misplacement are no longer an issue. Players have only to keep track of the card that they purchase and play the games that they wish to play. As the digital card holds funds, players do not have to worry about cashing out in order to purchase more chips or plays. They can simply withdraw the amount from the card’s balance and continue to play.

Casinos have only to maintain the cards, and perform payouts for those wishing to have paper checks. Everything else can be conducted through one of the main payout options. While there are some casinos which still offer chips and traditional payouts, as the market has shifted to more digital methods, more casinos are opting for digital payments.

Payment Methods, what you should know

In most cases, payment methods are done through one of several electronic cash out machines. There are tellers at some casinos, but as the rise of digital technology has helped to increase security and accuracy, more casinos are leaning toward a complete electronic form of payment. Because of this, several options have become available. Each is different in the times of delivery, and so you should familiarize yourself with these payment methods so you know the estimated wait before you can withdraw funds.

E-Wallets have the quickest payout time, offering instantaneous to an hour wait. Most of the other main payout options limit the withdrawal to a 1-2 business day duration. These payout options are Skrill, Netteller, PaysafeCard, and Interac E-Transfers, and PayPal. If you choose to use a bank transfer, meaning that you wish to have a paper or electronic check cashed, the wait time will be the slowest. Depending upon your financial institution, wait time could be seven to ten business days. Large winnings could be even longer.

Increase your payout speed

Should you find that the casino you are playing at does not offer instantaneous payouts, there are a few ways in which you can increase the speed of your withdrawal. First, know the type of payment method before you play. This will erase any surprises later on. Also, if you know when and what the method of payment is, you can inquire as to the time that the withdrawals are processed. For example, if the withdrawals are processed at 5pm every day, you may play prior to 5pm and have your withdrawal processed on the same day. After 5pm you will have the full business day. Second, increase your status with the casino. Most casinos offer quicker payouts for VIP members. Consider joining a VIP club or level up your status to unlock higher credit card deposits and withdrawals.

If you are allowed multiple withdrawals on a card, you may want to do smaller transactions to avoid having your winnings exceed the maximum limit. Depending upon the Casino, you may be able to withdraw the small amount instantaneously, while larger cash outs could require a one to two day delay.


Quick payouts are here to stay. Casinos are implementing new technologies which allow for faster cash outs. Research the casino’s terms of withdrawal as well as withdrawl limits so that you can maximize the amount of cash available to you.