Good health isn’t just essential for your wellbeing, sense of security, confidence and length of life – it can even help you grow your savings. In this article, you’ll discover just a few of the ways in which being healthy can reduce your expenses and save you money in the long run. From what you pay for food to the amount you spend on medical care and life insurance, there are great savings to be made simply through improving the way in which you look after your body.

Cheaper Insurance
Your life and health insurance premiums will be much lower if you are noticeably fit and well. You become more expensive to insure if you’re struggling with health issues. Of course, there is only so much we can do to keep our health in check. Sometimes, illness is passed down to us genetically. In these cases, healthy eating and exercise may still help us to keep the worst elements of an inherited condition at bay. Other times, of course, poor health seems to be simply a matter of bad luck.

If you are diagnosed with a serious health condition or a terminal illness, you may find that you need a lump sum of money at short notice, often in order to pay for treatment. One way of achieving this is to sell your health insurance policy by way of a viatical settlement. To fully understand what this means, you can review a straightforward guide to viatical settlements online and see if this is a viable option for you.

Food Shopping
Pre-packaged meals, take-outs and fast food are often promoted as quick, cheap options by the brands that produce them. However, while they may indeed be convenient, when you breakdown how much it would cost for you to make at home from scratch with lower levels of salt, sugar and additives, you’ll probably find that you’re spending much more than you need to each time you buy them. Cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients – including plenty of fruit and veg – is always the healthier choice. What’s more, it will also save you money in the long run, particularly if you plan your weekly meals carefully and pack your own lunches for work.

The more you walk or cycle, the easier it gets – and the more you feel like doing it. By choosing to leave the car at home and avoid the bus or train, you’ll be improving your health and saving money on fuel, parking or fares every time you have to go somewhere. Getting outside is also great for your vitamin D levels and endorphin – or happy hormone – production.

Medical Bills
If the country or territory in which you live does not offer subsidized healthcare, medical bills can rise way into the tens of thousands of dollars and beyond. In these locations, it’s important to avoid ill health and injury if at all possible. While some conditions and accidents can’t be avoided, by keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, eating well, watching how much you drink and exercising regularly, you can do a great deal to reduce your likelihood of falling ill.