HOLLYWOOD—Last year, plenty of new shows grabbed viewer’s attention, but the ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder” was a must-see on my list. The show opened with a captivating twist and continued to shock audiences week after week. Season two of the drama starring Emmy-winner Viola Davis wasted no time answering that question audiences have been dying to know for weeks: who killed Rebecca?

Well it was none other than Bonnie! Yep, I have no clue why so many people suspected Wes as the murderer. I mean he was so obvious, I couldn’t see the writers settling on him as the culprit. I always suspect that Bonnie had the potential to be a killer; I mean, her relationship with Sam was a dead ringer because she would do anything to protect him. Her reasoning: to protect the rest of the group from Rebecca spilling the beans about what actually transpired with Annalise’s hubby.

Even though Rebecca won’t be living amongst the present anymore, I’m certain we will see plenty of her in the future. I mean she sent that text to Eggs911, and we now know that the person who was speculated to just be a whim, does actually exist. We’ll elaborate a bit more on this later. The episode opened with Annalise and Frank discussing who was culpable for taking Rebecca out. It’s funny that these friends suspect one another, so trust is there, but is it really there?

The writers did a good job at pointing the finger at Wes, with his unruly behavior in the classroom which left the Keating Five slightly unnerved, to say the least. Michaela and Laurel were still bickering over that engagement ring, while Asher gave the cold shoulder to Bonnie. Whoa, wasn’t this the same guy who was pinning after her? Now she’s pining after him.

It was an interesting moment to see Connor and Oliver deal with his diagnosis. By the end of the episode it became apparent that Connover will endure the storm. Let’s discuss the big rumblings of the episode, with the introduction of Eve Rothlow (Famke Janssen), a top-notch attorney, who scares Annalise to death with her arrival to her home.

The audience soon discovers Annalise asked Eve to represent Nate in Sam’s murder. When Eve discovers that Annalise has once again been up to her old tricks, she darts out of town. Frank and Annalise devised a plan to pinpoint whether Wes was responsible in Rebecca’s death, but it turned out to be a bust. When Annalise discovered that her close confidant Bonnie was the culprit, she lashed out in ways that only she can do. How interesting, Annalise’s two closest allies Frank and Bonnie are both murderers. I’m dying to know what will transpire when it is discovered that Frank killed Lila, courtesy of Sam. Expect fireworks, fans, big ones.

Eve and Annalise are not just friends, they’re lovers! I must say that was a twist I did not see coming, and to see the duo share that steamy kiss was only the beginning to which is sure to be an important narrative point this season.

Determined to do her best to keep her Keating Five on their A-game, the professor and criminal defense attorney takes her students for a bit of unwinding. I mean, the group has been working in circles regarding the current case they have tackled of two adopted siblings who are accused of murdering their parents. Are they guilty or are they not guilty? That is a major question because the episode concluded with a flash-forward that saw Annalise lying in a pool of blood at the home of those siblings, while Wes was seen fleeing the scene.

So the big mystery this season is who shot Annalise and what transpired leading up to her shooting? If anyone suspects Wes throw that theory out the window, it’s way too easy. The big question I want answered is who the hell is Eggs911. They responded to Michaela’s text message. I have the feeling this is a person that we’ve already seen on the screen, could it be her former boyfriend? My suspicion tells me Asher might be part of that mystery.

The suspense is building and the narrative is off to a sensational start. “How to Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.