HOLLYWOOD—Well, just like season one and season two, the drama on TV’s “How to Get Away with Murder” did not disappoint with its mid-season finale by FINALLY revealing who was under the sheet. Brace yourselves HTGAWM fanatics because this revelation was indeed a game-changer. SPOILER ALERT: if you have NOT watched the episode, you should STOP RIGHT NOW!

It was revealed during the final moments of the episode, amply titled, ‘Who’s Dead’ that Wes, yes people, Wes was the person who died in that house fire at Professor Annalise Keating’s home. However, there was a major caveat that will push the narrative for the second-half of the season. Wes was already dead by the time that fire transpired. Yes, that opens the door to a ton of madness, madness that we will decipher a bit later, but let’s talk about the events leading up to that revelation.

Last week we left off with an epic confrontation between Frank and Annalise where, Annalise’s fixer was ready to take his own life, to provide a bit of redemption in his actions which led to the death of Annalise’s son. The firecracker attorney, wasted no time delivering every blow possible to educate Frank that he was a useless piece of you know what. In the process, Bonnie intervened and prevented Frank from doing something he would regret, as it was apparent Annalise was still in a very dark place.

Speaking of Bonnie, she did do the deed with Frank, and I always had a feeling the colleagues had a special torch for one another since season one. So Bonnie jumped in the line of fire against her boss to save her former pal, makes it clear that Frank still has an ally in his corner besides Laurel. Speaking of Laurel there seems to be some cracks in her blossoming relationship with Wes, who not only dumped his former girlfriend, but bedded Laurel after dancing around their feelings for close to three seasons.

The audience finally got to see Michaela’s mother in the flesh, and it’s apparent these two have no love lost for each other, but Michaela might be ready to cut Asher loose after his betrayal. Yeah, Asher is in the doghouse right now and will have to do plenty of graveling to get Michaela back on his good side. Continuing with relationship issues, Connor and Oliver danced around where they stood, as Connor secretly hooked up with Oliver’s former boy toy. This culminated with a reunion between the two at the end of the episode.

The biggest narrative pull involved Annalise discovering that the new DA, who also happens to be romancing her former beau Nate, is investigating her in connection to the death of Rebecca. Yeah, I thought that was a story long gone, but it appears not so. When Annalise dropped the bomb on Nate, Nate dropped the bomb on his new flame who was taken aback by the revelation. This led to Wes being dragged down to the police station as they dug for information regarding Annalise, and his relationship with Rebecca. Now that I think about it, Wes was well aware Rebecca was dead because Annalise told him last season before he shot her. So either he was looking to make Annalise pay for her crimes or he had another ace up his sleeve.

Worried about the circumstances, Annalise did a bit of house cleaning by burning case files, while drinking alcohol heavily. Yes, not a good combination especially when you place alcohol near fire and leave your residence. This would result in Annalise requesting each of her students to come to the house, but only Laurel arrived at the abode, and that was after Nate had already entered the home. Frank learned from Bonnie that Laurel is pregnant, but is the baby daddy Wes or Frank, that is to be determined people?

I was almost certain Nate was the guy under the sheet with the past reveals each episode showcasing a character that was safe, but the writers delivered a twist. That meeting Wes had at the police station occurred earlier in the day, before the fire transpired, prompting him to head to Annalise’s home. When Nate showed up at the coroner’s office, the audience got the confirmation that I pegged since the first episode this season: it was WES! Michaela, Connor, Oliver, Asher and Laurel were all stunned that their colleague Wes is no more. Yeah, tough pill to swallow when such a major character like Wes can be killed off people!

The big shock came when Nate paid Annalise a visit in her jail cell to reveal that Wes was already dead before the fire transpired. Which means he was murdered people, but by who? The authorities suspect Annalise was planning to murder someone by summoning everyone to her home. So the big question I’m trying to wrap my mind around is who killed Wes. It could have been Frank, out of jealously, or Bonnie who was concerned Wes would spill the beans that she murdered Rebecca, or there is some third party out there I have no idea about (and this could deliver some shocking twists for viewers).

We’ll have to wait till January 2017 before the events of Wes’ murderer come to light. Until then “HTGAWM” fans!