HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” Yes, last week dropped a bomb with the revelation that Stephen is also FBI and has been secretly working with Lushion to bring down Eddie and the corrupt Maxine Police Department. Oh, we also learned Marcie was pregnant (no surprise for me). This week’s episode ‘Every Minute Counts,’ kicked off with Marcie still stunned with the pregnancy bombshell, and adamant about leaving the hospital evening against doctor’s wishes.

Kelly was caught off-guard to come face-to-face with Brad who stopped by the house, and he was aware that she seemed startled by his presence. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Marcie, who had both Brad and Kelly concerned. Hmm, I thought she would have revealed her pregnancy news, but how do you drop such a bomb not knowing who the baby father is. Marcie profusely apologized for suspecting Brad of attacking Randal and kidnapping Alex’s baby.

When Kelly pried about Marcie’s health, the realtor delivered one hell of a cover story. Marcie ventured to her former home to obtain Louise’s purse, but found herself horrified by the blood and destruction inside the home. Brad and Marcie had a conversation about the whereabouts of Alex’s parents, where Marcie begged her fling to take her to the home of Alex’s parents to seek vengeance. Brad refused to assist Marcie in her quest to rescue Randal and Alex’s baby. The two went back and forth, until Brad finally caved in and admitted he will venture to Rusty’s home to help Randal.

Back at the hospital, Natalie provided Lushion an update on Joey’s condition, which while not great, is much better than what it was a few hours ago. Natalie tried to push Lushion away, but he refused, and Natalie dropped a bomb that that disc Pete left may be at her sister’s house with one of her kids. Duh, I called that one of her kids had that disc months ago!

Alex railed on Andrew about waiting for back-up as her newborn’s life depended on it, just as Andrew decided to take action, dirty cop Edward showed up, which surprised Andrew to say the least. He was hesitant to divulge any details to the seasoned vet out of fear that he’d do the wrong thing. The two got into a scuffle where Eddie used mace on Andrew, before taking his gun. He then approached the police vehicle as Alex refused to exit the vehicle, while advocating for the death of Randal and her newborn son. He pulled a gun on Alex, but she had alternate plans in place as she took off in the police vehicle dragging Eddie along until he hit the ground. Yes, you go Alex, finally someone teaching Eddie a valuable lesson for once.

Andrew pulled a gun on Eddie to prevent him from going after Alex, even though his sight was not at its best. Eddie baited the rookie cop, which prompted Eddie to point his gun and Andrew. Man this is tense; two officers, two guns, who is going to pull the trigger? It was Eddie who shot Andrew in the shoulder. Wow, that was a bold move to say the least from Eddie, which left Andrew cowering to Eddie’s demands, but not before he shot Andrew in the leg. Once again the villain gets away; I swear I better see some sort of retribution where Eddie gets what’s coming to him before the season ends.

Now the good stuff people, Randal begged for his newborn son’s life, while Rusty and his crew planned to hang Randal, before a bunch of despicable confessions. Randal was forced to utter words he never expected to ensure his son’s survival. Jeez, next week’s mid-season finale looks super intense as everything reaches a feverish pitch with Eddie participating in the madness surrounding Randal, Alex, Rusty and the baby. God, I CANNOT wait till next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!