HOLLYWOOD—I was hooked to this series the moment it premiered on TV and the fact that it stars acting legend Viola Davis absolutely helps the situation. Any guesses as to what TV series I’m referring to? Um, its ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder.” I was absolutely concerned where season four would go after the departure of series regular Alfred Enoch who portrayed Wes. I have to say the series has done a fantastic job keeping an enthralling narrative after losing such a vital character.

This season has been a whirlwind, which kicked off with Laurel giving birth to a baby boy, in the midst of having her son kidnapped by her vindictive and money greedy father Jorge. In the midst of that battle, the Keating Four found themselves on the verge of another murder mystery after Simon poked his nose where it didn’t belong and nearly blew off his head in the process.

We all thought he was dead, but nope, he was alive and back to his sneaky and deceptive ways. So where do we go from here? Well, we learned in the penultimate episode that Jorge and Laurel’s mother were in cahoots with the demise involving Wes, which sent Laurel into an angry tirade. Yes, it was interesting to say the least because her mother’s disappearance leads to a major plot point: what happened to Laurel’s mother?

That prompted Jorge to get into a fiery argument with his daughter about the concerns of his ex-wife. I mean Laurel wouldn’t kill her own mother would she? When people are pushed there is no telling what they will do. The major goal of this episode seemed to be setting the stage of a potential series finale. Yes, I got that feeling watching the entire episode: would this be the actual end of “How to Get Away With Murder?” Things were tied up carefully with a bow, so as a loyal viewer, you can easily pick up on such things. I mean this was never a series that I thought could go on for more than six to seven seasons.

A crucial character this episode was Nate, who happened to find some vital information that was in the possession of District Attorney John Denver. Last week, that car accident literally had me on the edge of my seat, where the audience saw a coroner truck. So audiences knew someone died, the question was who? I was certain it was Bonnie and I was just dreading the reveal as the coroner discussed what she thought led to the victim’s death, and wait for it: we learn it was Denver who was killed in the crash! Whew, that was a sigh of relief, to be honest; when Bonnie met up with Frank and Annalise I was able to breathe lighter.

So Jorge took out Denver, realizing he was placating both sides, which left Bonnie worried, and Nate went to biz to locate that drive that Jorge was desperately seeking. Nate found it, but in addition, he discovered files on Laurel, Bonnie, Frank, Wes, Annalise, Connor, Michaela, Asher, Wes and Oliver. When asked about the files, Nate said he destroyed them, but the audience soon learned he actually kept them for his own safe keeping. What we discovered about one of our faves is certain to be a major player in the fifth season of the series if it gets a renewal (fingers crossed that it happens, because it will be interesting to see how things unfold America).

There really wasn’t a ton that transpired in the episode, at most we saw Annalise utilize her legal mind to get Jorge to not only deliver Laurel her baby back, but also to place him behind bars thanks to a little assist from Teagan. Michaela truly crossed over to the dark side as she contacted ICE regarding Simon, which saw him getting deported, and she may have signed his death sentence considering he is a gay man who hasn’t come out, and in his country that is a major no-no. Yes, Michaela has always been devious, but this latest stunt which even Annalise was against proves she has no limits. Will she and Asher rekindle their flame? At this point, I don’t see it happening.

Things seem to be going well for Oliver and Connor. Speaking of Connor he revealed he was kicked out of law school, he didn’t drop out. So not only did audiences see Connor reapplying for admission, but Frank was also preparing to actually earn his law degree, which brings us to the bombshells that were divulged during the final moments of the episode! First, Frank heard the name of an incoming student who he immediately knew. Who was Frank talking to and who is this child? Well, that brings us to the next bombshell, regarding the revelation that Bonnie had a child when she was a teen. That child that she was told was dead is very much alive, but is he the kid we saw Frank eyeing. That is still up in the air, and if its not’s Bonnie’s child, could this be another spawn belonging to Annalise herself? Man, these are questions I desperately want answered. However, none of this compares to those final moments where we saw Laurel getting into the shower, with several scars that looked directly like fingernail scratches (of someone fighting for their lives). It screams that Laurel may have done something to her mother, and if so, where is the body?

“How to Get Away With Murder” finds a terrific way to answer all those questions that have been lingering all season long, while opening the doors to a new string of mysteries that keep the audience on edge. I’m seriously hoping the powers that be at ABC gives us another season of this mystery, twist-filled series that always delivers not just with sensational acting, but stellar narrative and characters that viewers adore.