HOLLYWOOD─When TV is good, it’s great and Thursday’s mid-season finale of the ABC hit “How to Get Away With Murder” was one of the best episodes of the series since season one. It had it all; drama, surprises, ah-ha moments, epic reveals, and of course: murder! SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched the episode stop reading right now! Well to start off, another member of the Keating 5 had a visit by the Grim Reaper, and someone who we thought was dead is very much alive.

This was fantastic; the episode kicked off with a mystery and ended with an even bigger mystery. So let’s get the biggest bomb out of the way right now. Asher is DEAD! Yes, the comedic one and the guy who was left out of the loop about what transpired with Sam in the first season met his maker and in the craziest fashion opening the door to a ton of suspects culpable for his demise. Michaela, Connor, Asher and Gabriel were preparing for graduation after years of covering up murders and dealing with chaos. To say the gang was happy was an understatement.

Bonnie was still not speaking to Annalise or Frank after discovering they knew Ronald Miller, her lover at the time was not culpable in the murder of Nate’s father. If anything, Ron tried to prevent his murder. However, all of that took a back seat as news emerged that the FBI was looking at Annalise for the murder of Sam. The gang immediately started to turn on each other wondering who the mole was. Remember we’ve been teased all season long that a mole had been working with the authorities.

Frank deduced that the mole was Gabriel and confronted him. It looked as if Frank committed the deed eliminating Gabriel as a threat, but there is much to this story that will play out over time. Last week audiences learned that Annalise was planning to skip town and was setting things in play to stage her death, at least that is what I thought. After this mid-season finale, I have the least idea what the hell is going on. Nate did his best to pull Bonnie away from Frank and Annalise after their betrayal.

Things got so tense between Nate and Annalise she threatened him with a gun. It was as if the writers were pointing the finger at Nate as Annalise’s killer. However, that was not the big bombshell of the episode. Oliver decided to help the gang celebrate by offering mushrooms; mushrooms that would give them a high they would never forget. It first hit Oliver, than Michaela and then Connor, but what about Asher. Precisely, when Michaela questioned why he wasn’t feeling anything the first big bomb dropped; Asher was the FBI’s MOLE!

I never saw that coming from a mile away, and if you go back to previous episodes this season it all adds up. He was secretly recording his pals trying to get Intel to help the feds case. So why would Asher betray the gang? He did it to protect his mother and sister, who were in trouble with the authorities. So he was indeed placed in a dicey situation. The audience was made to think Gabriel was the mole after he paid a visit to the feds early in the episode, which made me think that Frank killed Gabriel who was innocent.

I still suspect that Gabriel might be working with the FBI, but Asher was questioned by Michaela and Connor about his betrayal which led to Oliver clocking him with a poker. Asher looked dead, but he wasn’t and this is important. How so? Asher immediately went to visit Bonnie. What transpired? The audience doesn’t know, but I’m guessing she or Frank may have taken Asher out to protect the gang.

The question is still up for debate. Why? Asher’s body was discovered outside of Wes’ old apartment. So he was either killed there or his body was dumped there. It’s also possible that Gabriel took out Asher, but that is a mystery that is certain to be unveiled with only six episodes remaining before the series wraps for good. Connor and Michaela were arrested for Asher’s murder, which means someone tipped them off, I suspect Gabriel. There was another bomb to be dropped: the audience finally heard from Laurel. Michaela and Connor thought she was the mole, but she revealed she wasn’t and that she was hiding out form her brother Xavier. That was not the kicker; we learned that Teagan was the person that helped Laurel vanish into thin air!

That left me speechless, because not a single hint has ever been given that Teagan was culpable in helping Laurel. We still don’t know her location though. That was not the only shocker, the biggest shocker came at the end where a mysterious guest decided to speak at Annalise’s funeral, that person was WES! If it ain’t Wes, its someone who looks damn close to him. So it raises the biggest question of all? How did Wes survive that fire and being choked to death? This latest twist makes me think Annalise is really dead or she has pulled of the biggest heist of them all and made EVERYONE think she is dead, to have a clean slate for constantly having to clean up everyone’s messes.

This has been a fantastic season of “How to Get Away With Murder.” It reminds me of season one, which was such a guilty pleasure that I’m so sad to see this series go. The final six episodes of “HTGAWM” returns on April 2, 2020, which means we have a long time to salivate on the events of this epic mid-season finale.