HOLLYWOOD─I said it last week, and I will say it again, “Days of Our Lives” is one of the best soap operas remaining on TV. They’re not afraid of making moves or killing off main characters to propel a narrative. We had a time jump, and so much chaos has transpired that it makes for sensational storytelling. For starters, let’s address the elephant in the room: several characters are no longer with us.

We lost Adrienne, we lost Haley and we lost Jordan. That’s right, “Days” sliced their characters right off the map, without any hesitation. The one thing I have to say it’s not like any of them were contributing major storyline development, perhaps Jordan Ridgeway, but the soap still has no problem killing off a key character or two for storyline purposes. To begin with, Jordan is helping propel Ben and Ciara’s storyline because the two really keep playing the hero and damsel in distress narrative which is complete boredom.

The audience all knows that Ben didn’t kill his sister, but it seems his father Clyde might have an idea. How does Clyde play into this madness? He knows something about Xander and baby Mickey who has disappeared. Clyde is utilizing those details to help his son earn a get out of jail free card, and it seems Xander may have been up to some dirty dealings people. How so? There is reason for me to believe that Kristen and Brady baby is tied into this mess. How? Brady was spilling out his guys during grief counseling. He revealed a lot, including the fact that he and Kristen lost their baby and that Kristen left town.

In the midst of that madness, JJ lashed out. It appears Kristen is responsible for the death of Haley Chen. Yes, JJ’s love is no more and it has taken him down a dark path, a real bad one. How so? He’s back on drugs and has been lashing out with everyone. Eric did his best to comfort JJ, but he was livid at everyone including Brady and Kristen specifically. Speaking of Kristen, she has taken a turn for the better, she’s a nun. Guess who else was with her: Lani! Yeah, seeing Kristen as a nun left me reeling. With that said Lani has a major grudge to grind with Gabi, and it looks like so does Chad and Abigail.

Yes, Chad and Abigail are living at the DiMera mansion, and Abigail is ready to rip the head off of Gabi, but Chad teased a major bombshell: he has been in communication with his father, the great Stephano. Ok, Stephano was shot dead, but considering Dr. Rolf have brought so many people who should be dead back to life, I would not be surprised with this result. The biggest problem is that the audience has yet to see a face. We know Chad has been in communication, and Princess Gina has been in the presence of ‘Stephano,’ but rather this is actually Stephano or someone impersonating one of the greatest villains in Daytime Television is yet to be known.

With that being said, we know Joseph Mascalo will not be reassuming the role as the actor passed away recently. That is a big blow to the soap because I don’t see any other actor who could assume such a feat and deliver justice to such a villainous role. On top of the tale involving Stephano, it seems John and Hope aka Princess Gina have gotten much closer, but all that was blown apart when Marlena returned to town. Looks like Princess Gina will be placing Marlena on her hit list, just as Jennifer does her best to recount who pushed her. She is certain it wasn’t Eve, too bad Eve is stuck in a slammer with Hattie and hoping Jennifer her nemesis can exonerate her.

Sonny is looking like he might be single and ready to mingle with Will being locked away. On Sonny’s radar is Evan, the male nanny to baby David. Yes, Rafe has taken on the father role to Jordan’s child, even though the audience is eagerly waiting for the truth about WHO the actual baby daddy is to come to light. I don’t think we’ll be getting that truth anytime soon, but “Days of Our Lives” is doing a terrific job of unloading a ton of mysteries without giving the audience too much at once. I mean who would have ever expected Justin and Kayla of all people to become a couple after the time jump?