HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe the ABC hit, “How to Get Away With Murder” is on its fifth season! When this show first premiered starring revered actress Viola Davis, I was skeptical, but the murder mystery of season one had me so hooked I thought I was in a dream. Season two, not so great, season three a major bounce back and season four was so-so, but really amped up the madness down the final stretch.

So where are we in season five? Well, the Keating 4 are still in the crosshairs of Annalise Keating, but she is doing her best to distance herself from her protégé(s) a bit. Why? Well, she has put their lives thru the ringer America, so I think they deserve a break. Annalise is being courted by a number of law firms, just as she found herself back in the courtroom. The woman is a legal Eagle and her caliber would wield tons of power at any law firm.

However, the biggest mystery of the season is who was bleeding to death in the snow, who tied the knot (we assume its Oliver and Oscar), why is Frank an emotional mess, and why did Annalise slap him with fury? Yes, someone has died yet again, and to be honest I’m not upset with this tactic. It works in my opinion and the series knows it, so why not utilize the formula that works? I mean they have played with continuity before with season two and season three, which was fun.

We’ll talk about the ending of the episode a bit later because it delivers a ton of crucial clues. Baby Christopher is doing well; Laurel and Frank have rekindled their relationship. I never understood why those two broke up, in my personal opinion they should have always been together. She had much better chemistry with Frank than Wes. Oliver and Connor seem to be in a good place, but Asher and Michaela seemed mostly absent this episode in my opinion. Michaela was fawning after a guy who doesn’t want her, and Asher found himself outside the circle. Why?

Well, there is a new kid in Annalise’s orbit; that person being Gabriel Maddox. Now, some of you might be asking why this law student is important. Well, he seems to have ties to either Annalise or Bonnie, I’m leaning towards the later. We were first introduced to the character during the season four finale, as being someone’s child who DID NOT DIE? Remember, we all know Nate took those files that the district attorney had built on Annalise, Frank, Bonnie, Laurel, Wes, Connor, Asher and Michaela.

The audience has not been given a definitive answer, but the inklings seem to point in Bonnie’s direction if you ask me. Frank has been tailing the kid gathering detail, just as Nate decided to take it upon himself to utilize Bonnie’s coffee cup to get a DNA test. That alone tells me that Gabriel is indeed Bonnie’s son, that she thought was dead, but why hasn’t the series just flat out said it? Not sure, because I have a sense that Nate also ran a test utilizing Annalise’s DNA as well. I’m certain that question will be answered in the second episode.

So let’s get to the good stuff, Frank proposed to Laurel who shot him down, as she divulged news that she, the baby, Michaela, Connor and Oliver were all moving into a house. That still holds no torch to the fact that Annalise decided to ice out Asher for Gabriel. Yes, Asher is no longer in Annalise’s orbit, which makes me question just what the hell will happen with his character this season.

The final moments of the episode are crucial. We get some more glimpses of the mystery person bleeding in the snow, but still no face. However, a pivotal clue is Bonnie stumbles across that individual, but the scary element is that from a distance a baby is seen in the forefront, it looks like Baby Christopher. So what does this tell the audience? Annalise, Frank and Bonnie are all safe up to this point, so it has to be one of the Keating 4 who we lose. I love this because it’s unexpected, but my suspicions tell me it could be Laurel, and I don’t want that.

She is a character that I love and she delivers a ton of emotional heart. I mean she christened her son, and we know that her mother, who audiences thought Laurel killed might still be alive. I mean she has those scars all over her body, and is still covering her skin to not set off alarms. It seems that Frank knows what is going on and is protecting Laurel, but we do not know that definitive. Now, we’re all assuming someone is dead, but that may not be the case, someone may just be severely injured, but as we get a few more clues, I might be able to start to piece the puzzle together.

So far I’m all glued to season five of “How to Get Away With Murder” and I cannot wait to see how the season unfolds. “How to Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.