HOLLYWOOD—This feels like one of the longest seasons of the OWN hit series “The Haves and the Have Nots.” I’m not sure what is going on, but at the same time, I’m not going to sit here and complain either. When we last left off, it appeared that Candace Young was finally caught red-handed. Benny realized that the money stolen from him was in his sister’s possession, not to mention it was covered in blood. So this week’s episode, ‘Stronger Together’ picks up where that cliffhanger left off with Benny wanting answers from his older sis. She denied to the ends of the Earth, but Benny in the depths of his heart KNEW his sister stole his money, but he’s not the brightest bulb; it took him a moment to realize that Candace was responsible for the burglary that transpired against their mother.

Benny wanted to believe his sister wouldn’t stoop that low, but he was certain she committed the crime, and the more he posed questions the guiltier she looked. Things look fraught for brother and sister, and to call her bluff Benny counted the money out in front of Candace to prove that she is a cold-hearted liar. Benny got confirmation of Candace’s cruel misdeed. Candace attempted to justify her actions, while Benny saw his sister in a new light that he never expected.

Is Benny even buying what Candace is selling about someone wanting to kill her! Gia decided to stop by and Benny caught a clue and realized how much he has been played by his sister. Candace was not pleased to learn Gia slept with Benny, and questions about Oscar came front-and-center. Candace was quite livid to say the least; get to thinking Candace because I’m dying to see how you get out of this situation. Leslie spilled tea to Veronica about Justin performing some ‘special’ acts on him to ensure it wasn’t on his criminal record. This provides the Ice Queen with ammunition, but she needs to worry about the FBI because that explosion involving David and Erica is NOT going anywhere; the walls are closing in and fast.

Benny constantly puffing out his chest is getting on my last nerves; but it was nice to see him have a heart-to-heart with Derrick about his mother, and Benny ratted out Candace. Wow, they were both on the same page about not revealing to Hanna that Candace was responsible for the break-in. Be careful Derrick you are sharing a bit much with Benny about Candace’s perp, this is going to come back to haunt you because of your ties to Veronica and the car explosion. Katheryn was surprised to hear from Roderick that the Artesian Hotel is under investigation for a prostitution ring, involving Jim Cryer. She was not pleased to hear that news to say the least.

Wyatt nearly met his maker in that jail cell, so if Jim doesn’t pull some strings real soon, he is in major trouble. David agonized in pain, just as he alerted Jeffery he wanted him to move in with him to protect him from Veronica and her wicked tactics. The flirting between Derrick and Hanna continued; I must admit it is indeed sweet. It looks like Jim was able to pull the strings to get Wyatt out on bail, but if that Malone family member has anything to say, Wyatt might live to see tomorrow. It looks like Wyatt has several Guardian Angles one of them being Justin, who removed him from the jail cell in a nick of time.

This relationship with Veronica and Leslie is a weird one to say the least. It makes perfect sense why Jeffery wants a new car, but Veronica you are playing with fire and you it might lead to another murder. Why? Trying to make Justin jealous is the worst thing you can do, because he retaliates in ways that you never expect, typically with threats of murder. Wow, Justin really is a twisted fiend, he is sexually assaulting Wyatt against his will to get off in exchange for Wyatt to get his drug fix I wanted Justin to be busted, but I didn’t think it was going to happen, but Jim and his attorney walked in when it was unexpected. I seriously did not think this season could become more twisted, but hold your breath!

Next week, Candace and Hanna make threats, as do Jeffery and Veronica, just as Jim puts beating on Justin. If Justin loses his badge, I could only fathom what chaos he might unleash on those who have betrayed him. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!