HOLLYWOOD—Utter madness, utter madness has transpired in “General Hospital” in recent weeks. Not only were audiences forced to bid farewell to Detective Nathan West, but also super villain Cesar Faison met his maker. Yes, that was beyond surprising because not in a million years did I expect Henrik aka Peter, to be the one person who could take out Faison. I mean it was slightly overwhelming to say the least. I mean Peter, a secret love child of Faison and Anna Devane being the culprit of killing a mastermind, who would have imagined.

Speaking of Henrik, the guy sure knows how to cover his tracks. No one is aware of his true identity except for Valentin Cassadine. I swear just when you expect this guy is capable of doing any good we learn he has his hand in more cookie jars than one can count. When he shared the tale about how he knew about Anna and Faison’s love child, I was stunned. I mean when he dropped the bomb that Anna had a girl and not a boy, I actually believed him. However, when the truth came to fruition that Valentin was in actual cahoots with Henrik, I was not surprised.

This is going to explode in Valentin’s face and in epic fashion when Anna, Liesl, Maxi, Lulu and Nina learn about this deep dark secret, the fireworks will be glorious and I mean absolutely glorious to see him finally receive his comeuppance for his duplicity. I mean we haven’t even touched the surface that he is involved in the Jason and Drew mix-up as well. I mean Valentin already has a vast list of enemies, but I can see a murder mystery exploding in the coming months people, just saying. The fact that Anna and Valentin had a conversation in such a public place is dangerous. Why? Felicia spotted the two conversing from a distance.

Maxie is an emotional mess, and lashing out at Lulu, who while culpable in Nathan’s demise for printing that story, didn’t actually pull the trigger. No one can comfort this woman, who is pregnant and just lost the love of her life. Perhaps, perhaps Spinelli thought he could make inroads, but he crashed and burned just like Felicia, Robin, Anna, Mac and everyone else who attempted to console her. As bad as Maxie feels, Lulu is riddled with guilt and I fear that the guilt is going to tear her away inside, not to mention the fact that Dr. Liesl Obrecht will be out for blood and we all know that woman is a pistol when it comes to exacting her revenge on people.

We are seeing a very interesting dynamic play out between Kiki, Griffin and Ava. For reasons I cannot fathom, Ava is allowing her old self to get into the way of her happiness. Why? This woman should be raked to the coals for her devious misdeeds in the past. I mean she killed a woman and never paid for it, she switched Morgan’s pills which ultimately led to his demise, she nearly died in a fire she started, and yet she is still scheming America.

She need not worry about Kiki and Griffin, I don’t see it ever happening, she needs to worry about losing all that she has gained if she walks down this dangerous path with Nelle. Nelle is a master manipulator and doing all in her power to keep her clutches on Michael. Something tells me that Kiki and Michael could rekindle their love, but Nelle is certain to not allow that to transpire because she has some very jealous ways.

Nelle has teased a master plan in play to take down Carly, which has Ava intrigued because she suspects it will help her regain custody of Avery. Careful Ava, because my instinct tells me that Nelle is planning to toy with Carly by making her think Morgan is still alive. How do I know? That mysterious phone call she made to Carly last week? That is indeed a dirty ploy, and if Nelle goes through with it, I can see it being the end of her as we know it. The plan might also cause Ava to lose everything she recently gained, because I cannot see Griffin forgiving her, or Kiki who has grappled with her mother’s dastardly misdeeds in the past.

The one thing I must say is that Henrik is like a chameleon; this guy moves about like a shadow. I mean how in the hell did no one spot him saying farewell to his brother during that funeral. And with Faison out the picture, I don’t understand why he would want to stay in town, unless he was aiming to find his long-lost mother, who is certain to start piecing together the puzzle in due time. Can you imagine the reaction on Anna’s face when she realizes she has been interacting with her son for weeks and had no the slightest clue? Oh, “General Hospital” you sure know how to keep viewers on edge.