Tag: Henrik

Margaux Dawson Arrives On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—A new face has arrived in Port Charles on “General Hospital.” I mean let’s be honest “GH” has had a lot of new faces...

‘Nurses Ball’ Madness On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—I was praying for the moment to arrive where Carly Corinthos would finally realize that all the sightings, notes and strange sounds she had...

Sweeps Kick Off On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—It’s here, May sweeps is underway and it looks like “General Hospital” has a few imperative storylines that are about to explode in a...

Hunt For Henrik Continues On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Utter madness, utter madness has transpired in “General Hospital” in recent weeks. Not only were audiences forced to bid farewell to Detective Nathan West,...

Two Major Deaths Rock “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I always find it fascinating when a face from the past returns to the canvas and creates just utter chaos. Well that was the...
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