BEVERLY HILLS—The Oscars celebrated its 90th anniversary with the lowest ratings ever. Full of groupthink politics and moronic unfunny jokes with people who are as fake as their boobs and eyebrows. Jimmy Kimmel is a patronizing egotistical idiot. Half of America doesn’t care what he thinks. His opinions do not represent the smarter half of law-abiding America. I finally can see through this rubbish, although it took me awhile.

We don’t care, Jimmy. You are just an overpaid line reader. Keep politics out of the Oscars.

I guess you can say that October 2016 was my political epiphany. I know the power of publishing because I work in media. Journalists who run stories based on emotion which aren’t even factual are way too common.

Before 2016, I didn’t really care much about what was going on in the White House despite being intimately exposed to the heart of entertainment and politics. Other than being mad at Obama for promising us that he’d be an active Tweeter, YouTuber and give us affordable health care… all rubbish! Like a pathetic fan, I followed his Twitter account for his first year to see zero tweets. He destroyed my chance of affording health care, then he made me pay an extra $900 per year for not being able to afford it…


After Obama, I just decided all presidents were liars.

Growing up, it was common for me to sit at a family dinner with several prominent names and listen to inside experiences. From an early age, I was exposed to well-known entertainers, politicians, women victimized by Clinton, and activists on both sides of the spectrum, from gay marriage activists to pro-lifers… and often at the same table.

Some of the most memorable conversations were crushing stories I heard from people you’d see on the tabloids, but I knew them personally; these were women that tried to stand up to President Clinton but whose lives were destroyed. Not only by the media, but by Bill Clinton, who used his powers not only to sexually victimize his employees and interns, but then to destroy them years after because they chose to speak out.

There was no #metoo movement back in the day. I heard stories first hand from Clinton’s victims, whose lives were destroyed simply for saying “no” to sexual harassment. Most unsettling to me was Hillary’s activism on behalf of her can-do-no-wrong husband. She was so quick to blame the “right wing conspiracy” and not her sexually perverted husband.

For decades after the big scandals subsided, the Clintons would stalk Bill’s victims, then trample any opportunity they’d have to move on with their life. Lucrative work contracts as well as employment opportunities and media ventures would be revoked after a brief call from the Clinton camp.

Often, they were followed by private investigators, bullied, harassed and terrorized. There are unexplained murders of individuals who stood up to the Clintons. Tragic stuff, yet rarely and truthfully reported by the media.

During the Clinton administration, their supporters were known to say, “But his private life isn’t our business and it doesn’t affect how he runs the country.” Years later, these same supporters would change their mind when it came to President Trump.

Still it didn’t matter much to me. The Clintons weren’t my era… until 2016.

When main stream media blew up over a tape-recorded message of Donald Trump and Billy Bush, I shook my head. OK, that is a stupid thing to say, especially on tape, but who cares. I grew up in this business; you hear that daily. No one was able to provide any proof showing that Trump acted inappropriately, like Clinton. Even some people were bribed with large amounts of money, in upwards of half a million dollars, by Lisa Bloom, daughter of famous feminist attorney, Gloria Allred. Still there was no proof against Trump, but the media continues to harass him for this made up fiction.

Still… after Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Jeffrey Tambor, Ed Westwick, Danny Masterson, Andy Dick, Mark Halperin, Ben Vereen, Oliver Stone, Dustin Hoffman and Bill Clinton as well as many other supposed “feminists” did way worse than Donald Trump’s locker room talk. Notice most of these names are huge Clinton supporters.

In this town… it is an everyday occurrence, right or wrong, that’s the fact. This is how the business operates. And you know I have to say women are not really helping when they are given backstage passes, green room visits, favors and acting contracts. They often encourage it and play into it. These same women cry, “I was a victim” after the fact, but during, they are asking for it. I’m not saying it’s right. I can’t tell you how many unwanted sexual advances I had to fight off but again, the women that encourage it or capitalize off it, are the bigger part of the reason it continues to happen.

I remember my dad trying to explain to me my confusion on why Roman Polanski was being treated like a hero, receiving an Oscar in 2003, after he drugged and raped a 13 year-old child. I didn’t get it. Why are we protecting a rapist like that? Johnny Depp said he is not a predator. Most surprising of all, Cate Blanchett (a founder of the Times Up #metoo movement) named her son after him! This is hypocrisy at its finest.

Want more? Harrison Ford, Penelope Cruz, Harvey Weinstein, David Lynch and about 100 other celebrities signed a petition to release this accused rapist. Even Whoopi Goldberg said, “It wasn’t rape-rape.” Yet, she spoke at the women’s rights march against Trump. Are you disgusted over these hypocritical nothings yet?

Once you have a name in Hollywood, whatever you want is yours and you are forgiven no matter what you do. This is how it works here… like it or not. Unless you’re Donald Trump of course, then everything he says or does is wrong.

Then you have Trump getting laughed at for saying his phones were being tapped, which now 18 months later has been proven… they were tapped! None other than President Obama who was fully aware, meanwhile, mocking him as he was hoping for a Hillary win.

So now, they heard everything going on in the Trump campaign, and the most they could find was a tape with Billy Bush. Nothing else of importance was exposed. Yet, they listened in on intimate private conversations with an illegitimate FISA warrant as to what was going on in the Trump campaign trail.

They had an unfair advantage to know the secrets. However, no one, in mainstream media, is reporting this. How crazy to think they had an inside microphone to the Trump campaign, but all they could find was a simple tape between Billy Bush and Trump. Interesting, right?

They accused Trump of being racist, but no proof; of being against the LBGT community, but no proof; against women, but no proof. However, the media continued to attack Trump on bogus untruthful media spin.

All these attacks on Trump were meritless. Now, remember they had inside tapping on his campaign manager, which means they basically got all the inside scoop. Still they found nothing!

When the election started and you can’t help but absorb the fake news and bias in the media, I was even scared at first. They were painting Trump out to be a nightmare monster. Even though I had inside information on him and had known people that knew him my entire life I was somehow believing was mainstream media was saying.

November 2016… our media had gone way too far. They are going to decide this election. They are not even remotely painting the facts as facts, they are doing what we were all trained not to… yellow journalism.

Trump: Best president in my life time!

When Trump won, I was shocked. I also didn’t believe he’d make it to inauguration. The protests, the hate, the lies, the scandals, the twists of power and they hypocritical lies all against him. I was sure he’d not make it. I was so sure that we were changing into a communist nation where the loudmouths who break laws when they want and prosecute people that disagree was now our governing powers.

President Obama wouldn’t show his birth certificate and anyone who questioned it was labeled a racist if you even asked. How does racism and citizenship even connect? Yet, those same people are attacking the First Lady’s immigration status and that is not racist?

Then, watching our writers fight their political war in the topics they’d submit for approval made me mad. We are an unbiased newspaper all the news is based on facts not opinion. They all signed a contract stating they were going to follow our declaration of principles always, especially our editor. What has happened?

It seemed like everyone was under some type of media persuasion and it wasn’t going to end pretty.

Now we are into the second year of the Trump administration and I see so many great things have been accomplished, yet still not reported by mainstream media. I am forced to watch more of Fox News because I can’t stand to see a mess of lies on every other network. It’s sickening. They take every jab they can at President Donald Trump. Even iPhone news, its all anti-trump.

Here’s the thing… he’s the best president of my lifetime. I am so glad he is in office. I only hope and pray he gets another term because he has a load of work to do to undo the mess of the Obama administration.