UNITED STATES−Thousands of Trump Enthusiast came out on Saturday, September 12 in response to a Trump parade planned by Karen Mills. The parade drew crowds going in both directions of the I-75 bypass stretching across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

September 12, Trump Parade

The event that was originally planned from 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon Cincinnati’s Interstate 275 loop that encompassed three states. Initial reports indicated that the event drew well over 2,600 participants.

Later reports indicated that with 85-mile Trump parade going in both directions makes a 170-mile parade. Police estimated 1600-2000 vehicles.


School Bus

Trump enthusiasts traveled by way of motorcycles, semi’s, buses, cars, and pick-up trucks in a large patriotic display of American Flags, Blue Lives Matter, A wide range of Trump Flags, Don’t Tread on Me to name a few.


A true number of participants would be hard to calibrate. In addition to parades participants traveling by automobile and other motor-powered vehicles. There were spectators and pedestrians holding signs alongside the roadway in all three states.


President Donald J. Trump

Rally organizer, Karen Mills was hoping for 50 people to come out. The support was tremendous. The cars had to distance themselves from one another and were able to accomplish the task.








There was one school bus pictured in the parade that was almost completely covered with Trump flags. A wide array of patriotically painted vehicles donning the red, white, and blue also participated. There were Trump banners being held by onlookers on the sides of the highway, on buildings, and overpasses.

In addition to this parade was an Amish for Trump parade that occurred in Fredericksburg, Ohio on Saturday, September 19. News reports indicate the Amish and Mennonite communities brought out an estimated 500 parade participants who came out in horse and buggies and by foot in support of President Trump.

WATCH: Hundreds of Amish Parade for Trump in Buggies

Parades in support of President Trump has become a new way for people to get outside and do something while showing support of the President and still follow COVID-19 restrictions.  Trump Boat Parades have occurred nearly every weekend somewhere across the U.S. as well.

Ohio conservatives have another caravan style parade planned on October 3, 2020. See 270 Trump Parade Central OH-10 for more information.