HOLLYWOOD—Well with only 3 episodes left before the season finale of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” takes place, the drama indeed reached some epic moments in the latest episode, ‘For Pete.’ Julius did indeed complete the task of successfully murdering his father, and fled the facility once the doctor’s rushed in. What do you know; the doctors were able to save Julius’ father’s life.

Lushion finally stopped by the hospital to pay a visit to Pete, and had a rather interesting conversation with Andrew. What is it with that guy? He gives off the weirdest vibes at times. Ben was surprised when Lushion paid him a visit and alerted him that he was staying by Pete’s bedside for the night and that he should head home. Ben can’t cover a lie even if he tried his best to do so. Lushion broke out in tears when he finally got inside Pete’s room. He made it his mission to ensure justice was sought for his pal.

Super stunned to see Ben just let Eddie slap him around and belittle him like he’s nothing. Lushion begged Natalie to find the whereabouts about that disc, which Natalie was conflicted about. If the kids don’t have that disc than whom the hell does? I mean it didn’t just vanish out of thin air people. What, Marcie wanted Brad and Alex to make up? Wow, I really thought Marcie wanted to rip-off Alex’s head, but it shows she has grown from the betrayal.

Back at Alex’s house, Natalie, Kelly and Esperanza chatted about the new day, and she finally questioned the kids about that missing disc. The kids noted they hadn’t seen the disc, and Alex got the cold shoulder from Peter. Kelly decided to have a conversation with Miss Louise about Randal, but more importantly to have a discussion with Alex. Miss Louise was desperate to get Kelly to allow a moment for her to speak with Alex.

Miss Louise shared her tale with Alex a bit about her son Randal and his irrational behavior. Alex was quite apprehensive at first, but she agreed to speak with the mother of the man who has ruined her life. Miss Louise begged Alex to allow her to see her grandson, but Alex was headstrong in her fight to protect her son, but eventually caved in. Alex dropped a bomb when she let it be known that her son’s name is Brad, what a coincidence. Miss Louise begged Alex to allow Randal to see his child, as did Kelly, but Alex was not budging one bit. I totally get it; she has a child to protect and considering how crazed Randal has behaved, who would allow such a character to see their son.

Wow, that was a moment that left me slightly stunned. Kelly paid a visit to Ramsey, and found him quite stand-offish was it the fact that another woman was in his home. The lady sure looked like she could be Ramsey’s girlfriend, but seeing how quick Kelly exited her ‘pal’s’ house who knows what is truly going on.

Kelly was in tears at work, as she let her phone go to voice mail on more than one occasion from Ramsey. It’s apparent she did indeed hope new things were on the horizon for her love life. Alex gave Kelly a call and was well aware that something was bothering her girlfriend.

Well it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for: Randal finally got the opportunity to come face-to-face with his son. He did his best to come onto Alex, who was none too interested in Randal’s attempt to rekindle their romance. Yeah, buddy this twisted love affair is OVER! Alex revealed to Randal that she already name her son and Bradley is it.

Randal continued to battle Alex about wanting custody of his son. The mother whose life has been turned upside down made it clear to Randal that she will go toe-to-toe with him and will do whatever she needs to do to ensure her child’s safety. It is becoming crystal clear that Alex is making plans to kill Randal to protect her child. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned about Alex’s threats. What a coincidence, the episode ended with Brad deciding to stop by. Just when Alex has a chance, something happens that puts a wrinkle in things.

Looks like the war between Randal and Alex is about to turn deadly people! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!