HOLLYWOOD—The plot thickened tonight as seeds of suspicion seemed to be sprouting in everyone’s minds in episode three of “The Night Manager.” We began the episode at the birthday party for the daughter of Richard Roper’s friend,  Juan Apostal.

The first seed of suspicion is planted in Jed Marshall’s mind after her, Roper, and Apostal discover that his daughter has committed suicide. Afterwards, Roper’s reaction was that the daughter had caused pain to many other people, and that he would now have to reschedule his meeting that included Apostal. His crassness made Jed wonder if Roper has a bad side.

Back at Roper’s estate in Mallorca, Jonathon Pine is healed enough that he can now meet with Roper. Pine insists that he is grateful for Roper’s hospitality, but insists that he just wants to leave. Roper interrogates him about his eclectic past, trying to feel him out to see if he is worthy of becoming part of the family.

Pine plays the role of offended house guest whose privacy has been betrayed. Roper tells Pine he will stay with them until he is fully healed at one of the houses on the estate. Corky gives him the house rules and suggests that Pine should kill himself in the ocean.

More time has passed and Pine asks if he can take Roper’s son, Danny, into town since the boy has grown a liking towards him. This next scene was the most stressful in my mind. While in town, Pine sees Angela Burr who pretends to be a tourist at an ice cream stand as he tries to subtly get answers out of Danny about who will be attending Roper’s upcoming party. Pine also hints to Burr that Corky is looking into his past.

As Pine gets more comfortable at the estate he gets threatened by Corky for talking to Jed while swimming in the pool. Danny unknowingly gives Pine vital information about his dad by telling him about the secret room, “The Citadel,” and that the alarm gets tested every morning at 11.

Burr gains yet another inside man when she meets with Apostal. She cleverly blames Roper for the death of Apostal’s daughter saying that he brought Apostal down, which in turn brought his daughter down. Protection and safety of Apostal is promised, if he finds out some things about Corky.

The second seed of suspicion is planted in Roper’s mind by Pine regarding his right-hand man, Corky. Pine begins by asking about Corky’s drinking habits, and then tells a story about how his father was killed, because his army members got drunk and gave secret information to a random girl.

This seed had its effects throughout the show. First, during the party, Roper asks for some of Corky’s friends to be escorted off the premises as he watches Corky drinking from his balcony. Later on, Corky is not invited to an important meeting.

Back at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Rex Mayhew gets bullied by Geoffrey Dromgoole’s team to give them the Roper case. Mayhew stands up for Burr’s position and leaves the office. Outside, Dromgoole tries to financially bribe him, which Mayhew is appalled by.

During the party, the wife of Roper’s man, Sandy Langbourne, gives Pine a lot of useful information, because she needs to be honest with someone. She tells Pine that Roper is an arms dealer involving the Lebanese, British and Americans. Apparently, Roper sells arms under the guise of selling agricultural equipment. The seed of suspicion in her mind concerning Sandy and their nanny causes her to make a scene that further drives Jed and Roper apart.

Pine makes another risky move by going through Jed’s room to find the key to “The Citadel” room. He makes it into the room as the alarm test is going off and snaps some pictures of Roper’s paperwork that he then sends to Burr’s group.

He barely hides the key back in Jed’s room before she arrives. The seed in Jed’s mind of who Roper really is has sprouted as Pine tells her he knows she also broke into Roper’s office. A blond hair had been lying on the desk, and Pine tells her that she has to be more careful.

At the Monaco meeting to sell some “agricultural products” Roper learns how close Burr’s investigation is to him. He then argues on the phone with Jed, spilling the secret that he knows about her son.

The episode ends with Pine getting taken into the Roper family folds. He is gifted a new passport with the new ID of “Andrew Birch” on the condition that he signs papers for Roper, putting Pine in charge of a company in place of Corky. Clearly the seed of suspicion of Corky worked on Roper.

I will now wait in suspense for what other suspicious seeds will be sprouting next week!