HOLLYWOOD—If the audience ever thought Brad was a good guy; throw that notion out the window on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” Alex’s hubby unleashed a wicked surprise on her in the latest episode ‘He’s Beautiful.’ The episode kicked off with a brawl between Marcie and Randal over the state of their marriage, as Miss Louise played mediator. Randal and Brad shared a moment that looked as if war was about to explode, especially considering Randal witnessed Marcie and Brad sharing each other’s company.

Kelly warned Marcie to think carefully about her actions which could lead to bad things, and the realtor didn’t seem impressed to have her newest allies asking her to be the bigger person. It became apparent that bad blood still exists between Lushion and Eddie, as well as his colleague Steven. Hmm, Eddie might have a lot more enemies than he suspects, as Lushion dug into his relationship with Ben.

For a change, Lushion made threats to Eddie about his bad behavior. Could we see the bad cop finally get a taste of his own medicine? Ben alerted Eddie about the tape that Claudia saw, which raised his curiosity. Natalie showed up to the station wanting to speak to Lushion about that recent bank development, but work intervened. It led to Natalie and Esperanza having a conversation about Eddie.

Per usual, Esperanza was in denial over the fact that Eddie could do such heinous things like rob a drug dealer. Julius was none too pleased to hear his father give him the third degree about his hot-head behavior. The idea of Eddie and Julius teaming up seems far-fetched, but if those two were to join forces, all hell will break loose.

Esperanza laid out the law to Eddie about turning up to her house uninvited. The confrontation turned ugly when Esperanza spilled that she knows about his ugly dealings with drug dealers. Julius poked fun at Quan for allowing Joey to take his money, and making stupid decisions. Quan was none too pleased to hear word on the street that people consider him to be ‘weak.’ Julius put into Quan’s mind that to prove his ego he needed to kill Joey. Whoa, that is a game-changing moment that could create a ripple in the lives of Lushion, Eddie, Esperanza, Natalie and a host of others.

Kelly revealed the news that Natalie got approved for the bank loan, but it became apparent that Alex had thrown in the towel regarding her marriage to Brad. When Natalie and Esperanza learned that Kelly knew Marcie and Brad had sex and didn’t tell them the ladies were livid. When Alex pointed the finger at Kelly for keeping secrets, Kelly lashed out and delivered a bit of truth that fractured a friendship.

Alex unleashed her inner b**** and kicked all of the ladies out of her hospital room. As bad as this woman needs friends, the fact that she is pushing everyone away is awful. Brad paid a visit to Alex’s parents inviting his in-laws to stop by their house to see Alex, preferably the new bundle of joy. Ok, if Alex’s father was livid when he came face-to-face with Alex before, I can only imagine what he’ll do when he realizes he has a grandchild who is African-American?

The bombshells kept coming this week when Randal FINALLY learned that the baby that Alex was carrying was his son! Yes, how in the hell was Marcie and Randal the only two not to figure out this secret? ‘He’s Beautiful’ proved that with the right touch drama can explode with slight pushes. With the penultimate episode taking place next week, audiences can only imagine what drama will emerge. Until next week “If Loving You Is Wrong” love-birds!