HOLLYWOOD—Well the truth of discovering who the mastermind behind the Red Devil killings on Wallace University is edging closer with the latest episode of “Scream Queens,” amply titled ‘Ghost Stories.’ Chanel #3 came face-to-face with Boone, but her stupidity left me reeling. She seriously thought he was a ghost. Chanel dropped a bombshell on the other ladies when she announced that Chad asked her to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

It became apparent the buzz on campus was preparation to head home for Thanksgiving, and it became apparent that the bond between Zayday and Grace is quite strong. Denise Hemphill made it a mission for the sisters to bubble wrap all items in the house. Chanel #3 alerted the ladies that she saw the ghost of Boone. Instead of helping the ladies prepare for a family gathering, Denise decided to share a ghost story to unnerve the ladies even more.

She shared a tale about a ghost that utilized toilet paper to torture his victims, blue and red to be specific. Chad came face-to-face with Boone, but he suspected he was looking at a ghost as well. Gosh, are the students at this university so stupid. Boone made plans to take Zayday on a date and have sex with her in his mission to cause further chaos on campus. Seems that ghost story Denise told manifested into the truth as she was attacked by the Red Devil killer and put up one hell of a fight.

Hester decided to tell a ghost story to ease the jitters of Denise, but Chanel #5 spoke a bit of truth about leaving campus ASAP. Earl Grey and Zayday got a bit closer, but it looked like danger was lurking. Zayday came face-to-face with Boone, who put the moves on her. Too bad she didn’t believe he was a ghost. Grace and Zayday confronted Boone who later fell out the window before disappearing.

Those two ladies are indeed smart as hell. Chanel #5 exited the premises, right as Boone stabbed Earl to death. Chanel #5 heard the news on the radio about Boone being on the loose, just as Hester’s tale about a killer lurking in the backseat became true. He attacked a trucker, as the sister escaped just in the nick of time.

All I can say is this latest episode is bloody good with surprises. The ladies speculated that Boone was the baby in the bathtub, just as Hester dropped a bombshell on the sisters by announcing that she is pregnant with Chad’s baby.

Chanel confronted Chad about his betrayal and made threats that raised his suspicions. Zayday and Grace were livid to discover that Earl is dead and that Dean Munsch hasn’t done much to prevent the bloodshed that has continued on campus. Cathy dropped a secret on Grace and Zayday announcing there were two babies in the tub, a set of twins, a boy and a girl. The ladies asked the right questions regarding how the kids landed in a mental institution and in the custody of Gigi of all people. But I suspect its not as clear-cut as we think. Where the hell is Pete people?

The three conspirators conversed about their latest plans and bickering about who was right and who was wrong. Boone and Gigi nearly came to blows, as the ‘masked’ killer, picked up a knife and was on the verge of killing Gigi, but murdered her brother instead! Wow, ok, that was a game-changer that I did not see coming at all. Looks like the ladies did everything in their power to torture Hester by feeding her sushi, bad cheese and alcohol, something a pregnant woman would never do. Chanel, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 forced their nemesis to take a pregnancy test to prove she is indeed pregnant.

Chanel committed the ultimate betrayal by shoving Hester down a flight of stairs resulting in her death, as Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 witnessed the shocking event. Surprise, surprise, while Chanel suspected that Hester was dead, I have the oddest feeling that “Scream Queens” is willing to deliver a bevy of surprises to shock audiences and bring Hester back from the dead. I have the feeling that the notion of Boone’s sibling being a girl is a ploy, and it’s actually a guy behind the mask. Until next week “Scream Queens” die-hards.